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The threat landscape changes every day. Can you keep up?

Protect against evolving ransomware attacks with VMware’s Carbon Black

October 28, 2020

The threat landscape changes every day. Can you keep up?
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If you could have peace of mind for free, you’d take it, right?
VMware’s Carbon Black offers intrinsic security against the ever-evolving threat of malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks and more.
In this episode of #B2BTechTalk, host Keri Roberts discusses intrinsic security and the threat landscape with VMware’s Tom Houpt, Regional Channel Account Manager, and Tyler Zito, Inside Channel Solution Engineer.
They talked about:
  • How current security is broken
  • VMware’s intrinsic security vision
  • Carbon Black Cloud at Indeed.com
  • Free trial!
Intrinsic security is enabling teams to utilize any app, any device, on any environment, whether a public, private or hybrid cloud network.” — Tyler Zito

3 major obstacles facing security today

It’s not safe out there.

1. Teams are siloed

They don’t communicate well with other teams, and when they do, they miss the entire context. That leaves them open to cyberattackers.

2. Teams use threat-centric tools

What this means is that most security today hunts down one specific, known piece of malware.
This doesn’t cut it in the constantly evolving threat landscape.

3. Teams use bolted-on vendors

As in, they have the infrastructure already set up and decide they’d better include some security in there somewhere.
This is haphazard security at best.
Most security at most places doesn’t protect against all the threats:
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Zero-day attacks
  • Fireless attacks
  • “Living off the land” attacks
If an attack gets blocked, an attacker can adapt and relaunch it in a matter of minutes.

Intrinsic security

This type of security allows teams to use their choice of tools. Their choice of devices. Their choice of apps. On any cloud network—public, private or hybrid.
Let’s introduce Carbon Black, acquired by VMware in October 2019.
It’s more consolidated and relies less on agents, for one.
It’s flexible and works with existing systems, for another.

Case study: Indeed.com

They were having trouble seeing into what was happening in their environment.

Well, one of the differentiators of Carbon Black is that it collects all of the data off of the endpoints.
By starting there and being able to show that data in the console, Indeed was able to see exactly what they were looking for (along with everything else in the environment).
Carbon Black comes with 1) endpoint standard, the next-generation antivirus tool, and 2) artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the tool proactive.
And vSphere users can try it for free.

Where do you see technology going within the next year?

Tyler: Electric vehicles are going to grow an impressive footprint, especially in the trucking industry.
Tom: Virtual assistants will impact different facets of our lives as they become even smarter. We’ll have as many “smart” items as we can dream up.
Check out Carbon Black offerings here or contact our team.
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