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Vizio’s vision for 2023

December 06, 2022

Vizio’s vision for 2023
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Vizio has triumphed over supply chain shortages and is leading the charge back into the B2B channel.
With 50" 4K displays that fit into nearly any budget, this manufacturer offers Ingram partners an unbeatable way to increase margin and delight their customers.
Join us as host Shelby Skrhak talks with Stephen Kelley, business manager at Vizio, about the possibilities of their exciting new products:
  • Adding value with unique features
  • How Vizio delivers the ideal solutions for schools, non-profits and SMBs
  • Making the latest television technology more accessible for all

Overcoming challenges

Like countless companies, Vizio has faced issues with resources and the supply chain for the past several years.
But the problems have been solved, and Stephen is very enthusiastic about the return to normality, opportunities for expansion and the coming holiday season.
He emphasizes that when customers are in the market for an affordable yet quality 4K display, Vizio is the perfect choice, as their products feature a desirable two-year extended warranty.
Their smart TVs also boast a built-in streaming platform, WatchFree+, giving viewers access to over 200 channels and tons of free content at no extra cost—further boosting the value proposition for Ingram Micro partners.

Expanding Markets

“Conference rooms and classrooms are our bread and butter,” Stephen points out, but his team is seeing a big increase in business from the hospitality and non-profit industries.
Hotels and restaurants are especially leaning into these super-fast and impressively large displays, as their reasonable prices encourage larger orders.
Their latest processors have refresh rates under 10 milliseconds and Wi-Fi 6E capabilities. This translates into much more appeal for B2B consumers looking to get into the gamer or eSports arena space and bustling small-to-medium organizations that need agility as well as affordability.
Schools are always on a tight budget, and Vizio products are by far the most competitive solution when it comes to bidding with state and local governments.

“The best technology at the lowest cost”

Vizio has been around for more than 20 years, and its “powerfully immersive” products help consumers create meaningful experiences. The company is also strongly committed to sustainability and DEI initiatives.
They’ve historically led efforts to drive down prices so more people could enjoy high-tech displays without spending a fortune. Stephen notes that Vizio’s 65" 4K HDR Smart TV retails for around $500 right now.
“Every Vizio display will come with a brand-new gaming engine,” he states, so “if that’s a big consideration for our reseller partners, Vizio has a strong stance there.”
Looking forward, Stephen sees endless possibilities as stiff competition brings prices even lower. New TV tech like 8K, enhanced Wi-Fi and bandwidth and unheard-of speed will make Vizio’s future ever brighter.
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