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Visionary leadership is the key to small business success

Steve Meek discusses visionary leadership and Trust X Alliance.

August 30, 2019

Visionary leadership is the key to small business success
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One definition of a visionary leader is someone who has ...
“... a compelling vision for their business. They can see beyond the ambiguity and challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow.”
Visionary leadership is a concept Steve Meek, founder and CEO of the Fulcrum Group, puts a great amount of value into. Steve sits down with us to discuss how he implements visionary leadership and what that means for small businesses and the future of technology.

Let’s take a closer look at Steve’s podcast talking points
Steve notes that the progression of technology has made it possible for small businesses to appear larger in their markets. This transformation, however, wouldn’t be possible without visionary leadership within the organization.
When used strategically, tools such as the cloud and marketing automation can help small companies cover more ground with fewer people. Visionary leadership comes into play when your team isn’t sure how to take full advantage of the vehicles out there.

Interdependent learning

“Surround yourself with experts.” —Steve Meek

The ability to envision the outcome and map it out in a way others can understand is imperative to a visionary leader. However, it takes more to be a really great visionary leader. Steve suggests the following:

  • Surround yourself with experts. Steve makes sure to call upon specialists when he needs assistance.
  • Look for criticism. It’s easy to assume your decisions are the right ones. Search for colleagues who will be honest with you.
  • Find a peer group. Steve is a part of Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance, which allows him to bounce ideas back and forth with professionals going through similar experiences.
Continuing to learn is crucial to being a great visionary leader. Finding a peer group in which you can learn from experts, seek out constructive criticism and relate to other professionals is one of the best tactics for success.
“We seek out our own biggest critics on how to do things to make sure we're making good decisions in our own best interest.” –Steve Meek
Keeping up with changing technology

Being a part of Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance has benefited Steve and many others in numerous ways. Those include:

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Truth-speaking peers
  • Social validation
  • Staying on top of industry trends
  • Learning about the latest technology
Because the IT industry is constantly morphing, it’s important for Steve and other visionary leaders to be in tune with the future of technology. Professional peer groups have proved to be one of the best routes for keeping up with trends.
Great visionary leaders understand the best ways to implement new technology and identify the value in interdependent learning.
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