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Video conferencing solutions for today’s distributed workforce

December 06, 2021

Video conferencing solutions for today’s distributed workforce
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Only 30% of users employ an external webcam. That means that the vast majority of people are still using the webcam that came standard with their computer equipment.

When it seemed like we would only be working from home for a short period of time, high-quality video conferencing equipment didn’t seem like a necessity.

But now that hybrid work is becoming the norm rather than the exception, it might be time to revisit your video conferencing solutions.

Shelby Skrhak talks with Ricardo Barbosa, Distribution Account Manager at Logitech, and Chad Simon, Strategist for UCC, a specialty business unit of Ingram Micro, about:

  • Technology challenges the typical home worker faces
  • The wide range of quality in webcams
  • How Logitech products offer compatibility and enhance productivity

Technology challenges

In a hybrid world, many have come to realize that their home office setup isn’t cutting it anymore. Audio and video tools once intended for occasional use are now called upon to handle the entire work day.

“We threw a bunch of band aids at everything,” Chad says, “and it kind of mitigated the problem.”

But in order to conduct business at home the same way we did at work, we need the right tools and setup.

Webcam quality

One such tool is the noble webcam.

Most users still use the webcam that came with their computer equipment, but there is a wide gap in quality between a standard webcam and a dedicated external webcam.

“There are a lot of things that an internal camera doesn’t provide that an external one does,” Ricardo says.

For instance, Logitech’s webcams offer:

  • Technology that adjusts for lighting so a clearer picture is provided
  • More reliability
  • More flexibility to customize settings to your preference

According to Chad, we’re living in a golden age of video conferencing solutions.

“It’s being democratized,” he says. “We have choices, and as we move into more of this hybrid work environment, which I think is here to stay, we have the ability to make our home office mimic our work office.”

Compatibility and productivity

The beauty of Logitech products is they are essentially compatible with most platform solutions.

“There’s definitely a need to make sure things are compatible,” Ricardo says, “because compatibility leads to productivity.”

To that end, Logitech products are certified for the most common video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft and Google.

They also have other features that enhance productivity.

For example, Logitech’s Logi series of keyboards and mice come with extra secured wireless technology, which provides greater connectivity.

Basically, it cuts through a lot of the wireless noise that comes from a home office full of Bluetooth devices, not to mention the interference that comes from microwaves and other appliances.

Less interference with your workflow means more productivity—and much greater continuity with the office workflow that you’re used to.

For more information, visit the Logitech Ingram Micro Resource Center or contact Logitech Market Development at logitechteam@ingrammicro.com.

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