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Video conferencing is here to stay

February 28, 2020

Video conferencing is here to stay
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It used to be that video was a nice to have feature.

With the implementation of the AT&T video phone, people all over the world got excited about the prospect of having video wherever they went.
Fast forward to 2020, and most millennials and Gen Z folks wouldn’t know what to do if the video portion of their day-to-day lives wasn’t.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri Roberts talks with Chad Simon, Category Strategy Consultant, Ingram Micro, and Steve Yochum, Director & GM of UCC, Ingram Micro.

They discuss:

  • How video conferencing has changed over the years
  • Why video is a must-have feature for ANY and EVERY business today
  • How to maximize the customer experience when it comes to video conferencing

The User Experience

The user experience isn’t one of the most important things, it IS the most important thing.”
The user experience is what drives adoption, and adoption is what drives return on investment. It doesn’t matter how good your product is. If nobody is using it, it’s a fancy expensive digital paperweight.
So how do you create an unforgettable user experience?
One of the biggest keys as technologists is to engage the architectural design team early in the process.
The way we interact with video has changed exponentially, even in the past three years. The focus used to be “let’s develop a great product, and people will come.”

Now it’s “how can we create the most unforgettable user experience possible?”

Like the feeling of unboxing a new phone, be it an Android device or an iPhone, we want our customers to have that experience they can’t stop thinking or talking about. 

The End-to-End User Experience

Ingram Micro doesn't just offer video services, but also provides tech consulting by helping create a complete end-to-end user experience.

How do we do it?
By having an entire team dedicated solely to AV and digital design. By having a single point of contact to walk a client through every stage of the process, even staying with them post-implementation to make sure things are going smoothly.
Whether it’s consulting and design, training of individuals, recycling of old video equipment, or any of the other channels, there are a plethora of ways that Ingram helps customers take that experience to the next level.