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Utilize your transferable skills

With the current challenges we face, a career in tech is more likely here to stay.

December 10, 2020

Utilize your transferable skills
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With the current challenges we face, a career in tech is more likely here to stay and skills are transferable regardless of what you studied at university.
In our special edition of Coffee with Women in Tech with Harpreet Narang, we sit down with Abhi Morjaria, marketing manager and Madeleine Skillen, senior marketing executive from Ingram Micro UK Cloud team. They talk about their journey in tech despite very different backgrounds and share tips on how young talent can explore tech as a career option through work experience and internships.
Some other things this group discusses: 

  • Tips for young graduates to explore tech as a career option by gaining work experience
  • Why tech, with opportunities galore, is an exciting career option for women whatever their background
  • Tech disruption and the role technology has played during COVID


“The skills that you pick up at university, even if they’re not directly related to the career that you end up going into, they’re transferable.” —Madeleine Skillen

Transferring your skills

When you’re looking for your next career adventure, don’t let your degree or past occupation hold you back from a career in technology. Technology is a fast-paced and rising area. A large contributor to this growth is the diverse backgrounds of the people transitioning to this field. The key is to look at your transferable skills and how you can apply them to your path in technology.
Take some time to look around and see what interests you. Reach out to people in the industry to get to know what the job entails. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding connections to chat with about what they do in their role and how you can prepare yourself to move into that area. There will always be something you can bring to the table because technology positions are always looking for new, diverse talent.
Take advantage of internship opportunities for a technology role when you’re still in school to test it out. Even if you’re going to school for education or the arts, a technology internship could show you new and exciting opportunities that you can bring to your future job.
If you’re past the college phase, take some time to look at job roles that you’re interested in and see what skills are required. If you need to hone your skills, take some online courses or look for the opportunities to grow to meet those requirements. There are endless books, websites and podcasts you can learn from. Sometimes, you already have those skills but just need to look at your experience from a different perspective which is where your connections can help guide you.
The workplace isn’t what it used to be. Jobs aren’t cookie-cutter, one size fits all anymore because the demographics of the workplace are completely diverse. Your previous roles and experience won’t hold you back if you’re open to learning and growing. The opportunities are endless.