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Using your curiosity to develop your career

November 12, 2020

Using your curiosity to develop your career
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In this episode, Cheryl Rang, director of Advanced Solutions at Ingram Micro, talks to Harpreet Narang about her journey from finance to technology.
Topics discussed:
  • Advancing and improving your IT skill set
  • Using your curiosity to help develop your career
  • Working as a team and making the most of each strength
  • Inspirations and allies
  • Encouraging the next generation of women to get into tech
When you have a support system that encourages you, you’ll discover you can take your career to a whole new level—even when you’re six months pregnant like Cheryl’s experience. You may think your work and life can’t balance while you’re attempting to grow both but in a positive environment, you’ll find this isn’t true. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and stay motivated during the challenges.
“You don’t need to be a technologist to be in technology.” — Cheryl Rang

How important is networking?

You have to be able to leverage your resources. Mentorship has been an essential piece of Cheryl’s career. It doesn’t just involve finding the mentors to help you; you also need to be there when others need help. It helps support women in the industry because we need to get through the industry together.
“There are rooms for all sorts of backgrounds in the technology field.” — Cheryl Rang
There are so many transferrable skills in many industries that you can bring with you to this field. Even though you may have a teaching degree, you can apply those skills to a place in technology. This is where having a mentor or friend in the industry can help you grow or find a place to grow.
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