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Making partnerships easier: Using Meraki to simplify the work

July 16, 2021

Making partnerships easier: Using Meraki to simplify the work
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Regardless of what your last year has looked like, we can all agree on one thing: it’s harder than ever before to acquire products in a timely and efficient manner. Getting quotes, placing orders and receiving products takes far longer than it ever has before.
But thankfully, there are people like Kevin Wills and James Bennett to help. Both of them work for Cisco and were kind enough to come on the B2B Tech Talk show and talk about:
  • The innovations in the Meraki product line over the last year
  • New advancements in the Partner Go platform
  • How the Meraki advancements can help you streamline and optimize your business
  • Where they predict technology will take us in the next year

How can Meraki help?

Meraki has seen a number of exciting new product releases in the past year, including new cameras, vision portals, probe sensors and more.
One of the best use cases for Meraki has come from the healthcare industry. While visibility, automation and ease of transaction have always been top of mind, with the healthcare industry, security and connectivity are of utmost importance.

And oftentimes, orders need to be placed at hours that are wildly inconvenient, which is where the partnership with Partner Go and Meraki comes into play.

Now, customers can log in to the one-stop portal, generate a quote, place the order and be done, all in under an hour. No more waiting on purchase orders to be approved, signed, etc.

Finding success

Customers are finding success across the board after implementing Meraki and Partner Go into their environments.
The first thing they're noticing is speed.

So many customers work on bids, which are an incredibly time-sensitive process. The faster customers can get pricing, the faster they can turn it around and win bids and grow their businesses.
They’re also saying they appreciate the one-stop shop that Partner Go is offering. They can manage all of their Cisco Meraki business in one place, in one portal, all at once.
Whether it’s tying in APIs to push data right to their systems, or taking more of the day-to-day management from the customer, the faster they can work with the tools, the faster they can go from quote to order.

Other new offerings

If you want to learn more about Meraki, Partner Go and the other offerings from Cisco, there are a few ways to do that.
The first is their Video on Demand series, called Meraki Mondays. The other is their Meraki 101 and 201 series, offered on the Imagine Next website.

There are so many new things happening in the Cisco landscape, so if you want to stay up to speed, make sure and listen to the entire interview.