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Unpacking the Cisco Intersight platform

October 25, 2022

Unpacking the Cisco Intersight platform
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The next level of Cisco platforms is here and more flexible than ever. Dedicated Cisco engineers built the Intersight platform with careful attention and user feedback as their guide—Intersight scales from a small dashboard to enterprise-level capabilities.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Carol Wright, senior technology consultant, John McNelly, technology consultant II, both of Ingram Micro and Dave Nentarz, systems architect at Cisco, about:
  • Defining Cisco Intersight
  • Intersight platform capabilities
  • Future features within the Intersight platform

Defining Cisco Intersight

 Cisco Intersight is a public cloud SaaS platform completely managed, delivered and supported by Cisco.
“We're constantly innovating inside that public cloud environment for the operational platform of Intersight,” Dave explains, “We're not gonna slow down in the future with innovation.”
The Cisco Intersight platform aims to deliver top-quality duality across third-party servers, prem and the cloud. Intersight is growing fast and will only increase in value.
Intersight exists so customers can live worry-free when it comes to infrastructure management.

Intersight platform capabilities

The only thing you need to run Intersight is internet access—no matter how small or large an organization is, there is consistent operation.
“Intersight is appropriate for all-sized organizations, not just enterprise level,” John shares, “We want to identify Intersight as a platform that can be as small as you need it to be all the way up to large enterprises.”
With this model, customers have the opportunity to deploy easily and quickly, with minimal to no requirement for in-house expertise around solution management.
“No matter where your infrastructure is in the world, Intersight will be able to look at that infrastructure and then do everything from basic monitoring and management up through deployment, all the way through DevOps, as well as server ops and even networking operations in the future,” John continues.

Future features within the Intersight platform

The innovation is full tilt within Intersight, with the most recent release centered on improving UI.
“The new graphic look for the product is simpler, it's easier to read. We're consolidating views and looks on some of our cloud platforms to have consistency across the Cisco portfolio,” Dave explains.
Another notable release on the horizon is the Nexus cloud, a cloud-based management platform for the networking aspect of the data center powered by Intersight.
“We are currently in tech preview for managing Dell and HPE rack servers managed through the redfish protocol,” Dave continues, “That's a built-in function of Intersight. There will be full configuration and operational capabilities for third-party servers.”
The Cisco Intersight platform is the one to watch for successful infrastructure management.
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