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Unpacking the benefits of secure private access solutions with Manny and Marisa

September 13, 2022

Unpacking the benefits of secure private access solutions with Manny and Marisa
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Employing Secure Private Access (SPA) could be the solution you’re looking for when it comes to connectivity with on-premises web apps. No VPN, no scaling issues, no headache.
Organizations are moving away from VPNs and looking for a more stable and secure option—Citrix is fulfilling that need.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Manny Benitez, principal sales engineer, Americas Channel Team, and Marisa Torch, sales engineer, both of Citrix, about:
  • What differentiates Citrix from competitors
  • Weighing SPA against VPNs
  • Who benefits from using SPA solutions

What differentiates Citrix from competitors

Citrix employs steadfast commitment to the user experience alongside offering granular controls around policy application.
“One of the things that is very unique to the Citrix offering of secure private access is that it has a built-in enterprise browser.” Manny explains, “Enterprises are realizing that having a built-in, secure browser that is used specifically for work apps is much better than using the built-in native browsers in the OSS.”
Another valuable feature within the Citrix SPA solution is the adaptive authentication and access capability. Everything can be customizable and separated—personal and work—and it performs like a regular browser.

Weighing SPA against VPNs

Typically, VPNs are hard to manage and maintain and have limitations around scaling. This scenario, evidently, can prove challenging for any business looking to expand its opportunities. 
With a VPN, it’s all or nothing. Either everyone has access to everything, or no one does. “The analogy that we like to use is the hotel analogy.” Manny explains, “Most VPNs are like handing a hotel guest the hotel manager's key, where they could now go to any room, and open any door,” he continues, “Whereas SPA gives the guests a key to their room for a limited time.”
By granting users access to the resources they need to do their work and nothing else, Citrix can monitor and maintain that access based on the different control elements in use.

Who benefits from using SPA solutions

If you have a reason to worry about security, SPA is for you—from large enterprises to small-scale operations. No one should have to spend countless nights worried about basic security.
“If your company itself is a target, the vendors you're using could be as well. And so you want to make sure that your access to those resources is always secure,” Marisa explains.
SPA allows partners to create a security offering that will help them differentiate their business and provide a secure connection mechanism, leading to end-to-end security for customer applications regardless of where those applications live—from a data center to the public cloud to private networks. 
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