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Unpacking HP Care Packs with Oliver Thompson

December 08, 2022

Unpacking HP Care Packs with Oliver Thompson
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Printers—love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. With HP Care Packs, printer ownership doesn’t have to be stressful. HP offers a robust support system and adaptable solutions from remote support to in-person technicians.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Oliver Thompson, commercial Print at HP, about:
  • Defining HP Care Packs
  • The benefits of HP Care Packs
  • Leveraging remote capabilities

Defining HP Care Packs

 HP offers a variety of extended warranties, each designed to improve partner and customer experience.
“One is what we call an in-warranty care pack. That means a care pack you purchase at the time of the hardware purchase. It extends the standard HP manufacturer warranty,” Oliver shares.
HP also provides post-warranty care packs offered in one and two-year increments that are designed for customers' devices whose warranty or previous care pack has expired.

The benefits of HP Care Packs

 Care packs provide an extra layer of insurance. Knowing that answers and help are only a phone call or message away eases the majority of worries that come with investing in new equipment.
“With a care pack, the partner is leveraging the breadth and the depth of the HP workforce.” Oliver explains, “If the partner has a customer outside of their service geography, what the care pack does is enables that partner to utilize an HP batch technician to go out and service that customer on behalf of the partner.”
Further, if a device malfunctions while under care pack coverage, even when the partner services and supports the device themselves, they get coverage from HP to reimburse them for parts and labor.

Leveraging remote capabilities

 Hybrid work environments are more than a trend. The phrase itself may seem swamped in buzz and circumstance, but the bones of the matter are solid.
“The partners we've worked with have a lot of larger enterprise customers who have satellite offices.” Oliver explains, “Today, in a hybrid work environment where people are working in a mobile situation or working from home, their print devices could be just about anywhere.”
That being the case, it’s challenging for a partner regional in one part of the US to support larger enterprise customers who have their end users scattered across the country. With HP Care Packs, partners can have peace of mind, knowing that HP's network of technicians spans North America as well as globally.
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