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Episode 53 | Unified things: the future of IoT

May 01, 2020

Episode 53 | Unified things: the future of IoT
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Imagine a digital world where every piece of technology seamlessly communicates with all other technology.
Your morning alarm talks to your window shades, your window shades wake up your thermostat, your thermostat tells your coffee maker to get going. A truly seamless technological existence.
To tell you the truth, we’re not that far off from this being a reality. IoT solutions have had to speed up in order to meet demand. Ingram Micro’s Director of IoT, Eric Hembree, discusses these advancements on B2B Tech Talk.

He also covers:

  • Why the term “Internet of Things” is dying out
  • How IoT is impacting businesses particularly in the healthcare, retail and grocery industries
  • How Ingram Micro is helping partners implement IoT solutions for their customers

More IoT resources:

Connect with Eric on LinkedIn or email us.iot@ingrammicro.com
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