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Unified Communications as a Way of Mobile Workforce Life

WebEx, Teams, Zoom—linking all those communication platforms should be top of mind for 2021. Learn how.

January 05, 2021

Unified Communications as a Way of Mobile Workforce Life
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WebEx, Teams, Zoom—linking all those communication platforms should be top of mind for partners in 2021.

In a recent episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri Roberts interviewed Jeff Yelton, VP and GM Infrastructure and Specialty Technologies at Ingram Micro, about how to solve the most pressing needs of the mobile workforce.

Jeff talked about:

  • The two factors driving unified communications right now
  • Optimizing and managing a hybrid workforce
  • The growing digital signage market
  • Payment technology to elevate the customer experience


“When we first went into the pandemic, everyone was focused on the technology out there so their employees could work from home. They weren't really thinking about how you manage that remote workforce.” —Jeff Yelton


Unified communications as a way of thinking

The mobile workforce is now the norm versus the exception. A lot of companies have found they are much more productive in that mobile environment.

  • How do we optimize a new hybrid mobile workforce?
  • If we're going to have that hybrid workforce, then how do we manage them?



Optimizing the mobile workforce means ensuring that the employee has the right equipment that is robust enough for the long term. It must also seamlessly allow the employee to move from the home back into the office.

It’s going to require changing out some equipment, as well as upgrading work environments in the office (think docking stations, video conference-enabled rooms, and network infrastructure).

“It's going to be a huge opportunity for our partners going into 2021,” Jeff said.



As to managing the remote workforce, consider the type of infrastructure and software needed, which might be new CRM platforms or software like PowerCoach that will have to link into video conferencing platforms.

Linking together WebEx, Teams, and Zoom is paramount. If partners are not focused on unifying communications, they will be losing out on a substantial area of opportunity.

CEOs are thinking about long term physical infrastructure, as well as application architecture. CIOs are trying to figure out what that right combination between cloud and on prem is for where their workload should actually reside.

Partners need to focus on supporting these decisions because that’s where their customers’ minds and concerns are right now.


The Fast 5 Questions with Jeff

What are the biggest benefits for vendors in Ingram Micro’s President's Club?

A: They get a higher level of interaction with our sales rep so that their company or brand stays at top of mind.


The most inspirational book that you read this year?

A: The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh


Your favorite show or movie to binge watch this year during lockdown?

A: Yellowstone. I've watched all of the seasons twice.

The biggest lesson that you learned personally or professionally in 2020?

A: One of them is how resilient people are. The second piece of it is how all of us have each other's backs.

In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: I might have to use two words—rapid change.



Listen to our earlier interview with Jeff in Ep. 124. Contact Jeff on LinkedIn or by email.