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Understanding the MSP Landscape with Randy and Adam

September 06, 2022

Understanding the MSP Landscape with Randy and Adam
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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are not immune to the increasingly threatening landscape of cybersecurity. Ingram Micro is primed to support MSPs as they navigate end-user demands and build a solid security practice.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Randy Irvine, Director of Sales and Market Development, and Adam Bellows, Director of Vendor Management, both of Ingram Micro, about:
  • The shifting landscape of MSPs
  • How Ingram Micro supports their MSP partners
  • Consistent education between vendors and partners

The shifting landscape of MSPs

There’s an evolution happening across the MSP space, and partners are angling to be a part of that transition.
MSP partners are focused on four main areas in today's market:
  • Solution standpoint
  • Financing standpoint
  • Deployment
  • Scale
 “Whether you're a long-term MSP or you've just ventured into that space, and you've started to grow your practice—all of our MSPs are focused on the same types of initiatives. And it starts with identifying the right solution for their customer.” Randy explains.

How Ingram Micro supports their MSP partners

The security landscape continues to increase in complexity. Whether you're an MSP growing and moving into the security space or a well-established MSSP, there's no better time than now to analyze the security solutions that you're offering your end customer.
Ingram Micro has the tools to breed success. “Part of what we're doing right now is helping them form a practice builder perspective,” Adam shares, “We know our partners need help with building out this practice. ‘What are the services I should be offering? What are the vendors I should be talking to?’ we've built that playbook.”
Ingram Micro has developed a practice builder to help educate partners and understand the journey that they’re taking on.

Consistent education between vendors and partners

The tech force team at Ingram Micro is a dedicated bunch and considered almost an extension of a partner, working in tandem for the best results.
“This team was built with the idea and concept that we wanted to focus on the security trends and the solutions in that space.” Adam shares, “We built this team to be able to talk to our partners about the solutions and how to build a practice around it.”
Ingram Micro is on a mission to educate vendors and reach for a universal understanding of how the MSP world consumes technology. “We've worked closely with our vendor partners on building out MSP models and making sure that they're ready to transact,” Randy explains.
With consistent language between vendors and MSPs, doors open for clearer initiatives and streamlined communications.
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