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How the Trust X Alliance Sales Advance Program improves sales performance

May 20, 2021

How the Trust X Alliance Sales Advance Program improves sales performance
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What if you could tap into the combined knowledge of some of the best salespeople in the country to improve the skills of your sales team?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Shelby Skrhak speaks with James Farrar, sales program manager at Ingram Micro, about the Trust X Alliance Sales Advance Program, including topics like:
  • How the Sales Advance Program works
  • The benefits of joining
  • How sales teams in the U.S. and U.K. compare

How the Trust X Alliance Sales Advance Program works

The Sales Advance Program brings sales team members together every month to create one big team. It takes that team through sales training, providing marketing collateral and running several call blitzes. Then, it wraps up each month with benchmarking reports so that everyone can see how they compare to the other members of the community.

Main benefit of joining for vendors

From the vendor’s perspective, the main benefit is engagement points. The vendors get access to sales reps wherever they are in the country.
During these engagement points, they can provide sales briefings on their products and solutions and see sales reps put into practice what they learned from those sales briefings during call blitzes.

Benefits of joining for sales teams

  • Sales training – They’re not technical deep dives—they’re very much sales-focused, practical briefings.
  • Short and sweet - Training is only 30 minutes long, but you get a lot out of it.
  • Structured - There is dedicated time for sales training, for call blitzes and for benchmarking.
  • Benchmarking - Benchmarking lets sales leaders compare their team to see where things are going well and where they can be improved.
  • Best practices - Learn sales tips and best practices from top performers.

How sales teams in the U.S. and U.K. compare

The Sales Advance Program originated in the U.K. before it was adopted in the U.S. James has been a part of both iterations so he has a unique vantage point into how sales reps in the two regions compare.
“I’ve definitely seen more similarities than differences,” he says.
As one might expect, there were some initial hiccups regarding language differences. Some subtleties in speech just didn’t translate.
But when it came to the makeup of a sales team, he was surprised to find that both regions tended to have similar types.
“You’ll get the quietly effective one,” says James. “You’ll get the bombastic one. You’ll get the analytical one, and the joker.”
Ultimately, James found that sales reps —no matter where they hail from — have one universal quality. They all focus on the same thing: building relationships with customers.
For more information, listen to episode 98 of B2B Tech Talk or visit Trust X Alliance.