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Top announcements from Cisco Live 2021 | BTC Series

April 28, 2021

Top announcements from Cisco Live 2021 | BTC Series
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At this year's Cisco Live event, Cisco revealed a three-year strategy to help partners power their teams, secure their enterprise and transform their infrastructure.
In this episode, Travis King speaks with Jeff Barnhart, Systems Engineer for Cisco, and Dan Stewart and Tom Mann, Senior Engineers at the Business Transformation Center at Ingram Micro about:
  • Thoughts on this year’s event
  • Empowering your teams by enabling the shift to hybrid work
  • Securing your enterprise with built-in, end-to-end security
  • Adopting robust infrastructure to help the end user

Cisco Live 2021

This year’s event had 106,000 attendees globally. With six channels of programming, an abundance of valuable content was shared, including ideas that partners can use to formulate their own go-to-market strategies.

Power your teams

“Teams are working differently today,” says Jeff. “The shift to hybrid work of working remotely will continue and that puts implications on customers.”
For example, the need to:
  • Ensure your workforce has secure connectivity no matter where they work from
  • Make a diverse set of collaboration tools available to your workforce
Cisco has created a single platform—with Webex—that empowers the shift to hybrid work. An added bonus is real-time voice translation, a valuable tool in a global market.

Secure your enterprise

“Webex has always had security in mind with end-to-end encryption, encryption of recordings, meeting controls, locking the meeting, kicking out unauthorized individuals,” Jeff says.
In addition to Webex, Cisco is making strides into SASE. The goal of SASE is to simplify policy enforcement when it comes to compliance with regard to managing, deploying and automating all of the infrastructure it takes to support hybrid work.
An integral component of SASE is Umbrella, which is cloud security for users as they browse the internet.

Transform your infrastructure

“What Cisco is striving to do,” says Jeff, “is allow for automation, and connectivity and security, regardless of the network infrastructure.”
Cisco has made a lot of acquisitions to make it happen, including ThousandEyes. ThousandEyes is an integration that enables digital experience monitoring. It removes network blind spots. It gives customers next-level visibility of traffic from WAN so that they can take a proactive approach to any issues in the digital environment.
“The burden often falls on the IT staff who do care about how that all works, how they bring that up, how they improve that experience,” says Dan.
But Cisco allows organizations to proactively see how the customer experience is working and how it can improve access to that application or resource going forward.
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