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Today’s Job Market: Recruiting Top Talent

October 15, 2021

Today’s Job Market: Recruiting Top Talent
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In today’s job market, applicants have the upper hand. After all, it seems like nearly every company is struggling to find great talent these days.

So, what do companies need to do to successfully attract top talent in this highly competitive job market?

In part one of this two-part series on navigating today’s job market, Shelby Skrhak speaks with Sally Brause, Director Human Resources, Consulting at PathShare HR Services, about:

  • 4 things hiring managers can do to recruit talent
  • What applicants should understand about the hiring process
  • How to set your company apart from the pack

4 recruiting tips

It’s been reported that there are nearly 100 job applicants for every job opening. Yet, as companies try to fill open positions, it seems like there aren’t enough job applicants.

So, how should companies approach the hiring process in today's strange job market?

Here are 4 actions to take:

  • Adopt a consistent hiring process: It will allow you to separate the really good applicants from the not-so-great applicants. In addition, from an applicant perspective, it offers visibility into your company that is incredibly valuable.
  • Tell applicants what’s in it for them:: Applicants these days want to know what they will get in return for their time, effort and energy. Try to understand their motivations and needs and then communicate how you will meet them.
  • Hire for attitude and culture fit: Hire individuals who are interested in the job and motivated to do it well. That can’t be taught. What can be taught is the knowledge and skills it takes to do the job.
  • Think about the candidate experience: Everything you do and say creates a picture of your organization for the candidate. Treat candidates well because even if they don’t ultimately take the position, they might recommend your company to someone else.

What applicants should consider

  • How are you representing yourself? You need to make sure that your social media presence, your appearance and even your email address reflect positively on you.
  • Have you done your research? Employers want people who want the job. The best indication that you want the job is the amount of knowledge you have about it and about the company overall.
  • What about your long-term reputation? Ghosting has become prevalent in hiring. Sure, there are a lot of opportunities available today, but that might not always be the case. Don’t burn the bridges you may need in the future by leaving your professionalism at the door.

How to set your company apart

  • Understand what makes your company special: Interview your top performers to find out why they love working for you. Include that perspective in your job listings.
  • Don’t overlook passive candidates: These are the people who aren’t actively looking for a job. They tend to stay in jobs longer and are often top producers. Use referrals to expand your candidate pool to these excellent candidates.

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