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Time to update your home network?

May 20, 2020

Time to update your home network?
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Speed, ease of use, strong signal: these are all must-haves when working from home—especially when sharing internet with the rest of the family.
Mesh Wi-Fi can do all of that.
Jonathan Hawkes, product training manager for Linksys, gives us the low-down on Mesh Wi-Fi on the latest episode of B2B Tech Talk.

He also discusses:

  • Signs it’s time to update your network
  • How to temporarily troubleshoot your internet connection
  • How Mesh Wi-Fi increases productivity when working from home
"The goal of a Mesh network is to blanket your entire environment in 100% Wi-Fi." — Jonathan Hawkes

Working from home

Remember the days of being told to get off the internet because someone was waiting for a call on the landline? Times were simpler then.
If you are experiencing lag or buffering with your network connection, it might be time to update your hardware. A simple test is opening your browser. If it takes more than 2-3 seconds to open on a regular basis, that’s the first indication you’re due. 
For the simplest home networking experience, try Mesh Wi-Fi. Imagine having zero internet issues, even with all the devices connected to your network—whether you’re streaming, video conferencing or ordering more TP.  
In today’s world, with online schooling, working from home, and continuous video conferences, it can hog all the bandwidth of your network. Jonathan is a father of six and says that it is 100% possible to have zero lag time.

Mesh Wi-Fi for home and small businesses

Mesh technology isn’t anything new; it’s now available for at-home and small business use.
Mesh Wi-Fi works by adding nodes (kind of like access points) that communicate with each other to create one big network. From the basement office to the third-floor bedroom, to the backyard—Mesh Wi-Fi can deliver a strong signal that’s secure.
If you’re using a traditional router, make sure you’re pointing the antenna toward where you need the strongest signal. Place it hip to shoulder height, a one-foot space from any walls and keep it away from anything that can reflect the signal. If you’re experiencing heavy lag on a traditional router, you might have to do a hard restart every 2-3 days to make sure it’s running efficiently.
The great thing about a Mesh system is that it’s much easier to install than a second or third traditional router.
Benefits of Mesh Wi-Fi: 
  • Easy to use
  • Self-installation
  • Can be managed through an app
  • You get the same speedy internet connection in all corners of your home or business
In other words, Mesh Wi-Fi is the best thing since sliced bread.

What’s in the future?

The new Wi-Fi 6 wireless was released this year and looks like it can take off much quicker than versions in the past. The capabilities, the bandwidth and the speed will be able to keep up with the IoT world we’re living in.
AR technology capabilities are moving quickly and in order to keep moving forward, we need to establish a good base. Wi-Fi 6 will be that base.
To learn more about getting Mesh Wi-Fi for your home or business, go to the Linksys site or connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn or email him at jonathan.hawkes@belkin.com.

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