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The value of a core service offering

December 21, 2022

The value of a core service offering
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As multiple software providers choose to merge and migrate, Veeam doubles down on their core offering and supplies a steady place to land.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Ken Christopher, senior director of service providers—VCSP Sales, Americas, at Veeam Software, to gain insight into Veeam’s services and successes.
They discuss:
  • Concentrated solutions for service providers
  • Navigating a high influx of new users
  • User success with Veeam

Concentrated solutions for service providers

 Veeam hosts over 400,000 worldwide customers—you don’t get that type of coverage without owning the SMB space. Through enhancements and constant innovation to support the best backup and recovery provider on the market, Veeam continues to deliver high-caliber solutions.
“One thing that makes me and my team extremely excited is Version 12, the enhancements that we are making to the Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Solution Set,” Ken explains.
With Version 12, Veeam aims for extensive enhancements within the Veeam Service Provider Console, a free management reporting monitoring console available to any service provider with an active Veeam contract.

Navigating a high influx of new users

 As other software providers migrate and merge—sometimes inadvertently throwing off their users—people look for stability and consistency. Veeam fits the bill.
“We are seeing that flood coming in,” Ken shares, “People see Veeam growing, they see us doing one thing and doing it very well. That's part of the challenge with the consolidation of vendors because you have these companies that don't do the core thing. They don't do backup and DR service as their core, and we benefit from that.”
Through their concentrated efforts, Veeam welcomes new users with the trademark services they’re known for.

User success with Veeam

 There are dozens of success stories with Veeam software across their partners and aggregators. Ken shares a case that shows the power of their services.
“One that hit home is a U.S. service provider called Data Wise—which came to Veeam about two years ago—a very small SMB reseller that recognized that they have to shift their model,” Ken explains.
They recognized that the margins were in the cloud-type business due to offering implementation services and other offerings, which would drive up their margins.
Fast forward two years from their realization, Data Wise has fully standardized on Veeam and is now a Veeam cloud and service provider.
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