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The value Agency Ingram Micro brings to partners

December 24, 2020

The value Agency Ingram Micro brings to partners
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This is the first episode in Ingram Micro’s replay series, where we share with you some of our favorite episodes over the last year that will be helpful to you right now.

Branding is about the connection you make with someone. It’s the feeling you give them about you or your company. 

In this episode from our 2019 Ingram ONE event, Ingram Micro’s Senior Marketing Account Manager, Lauren Jenkins, and Senior Creative Director, Josh Lieber, chatted about the importance of branding and the value of showcasing what makes your company unique from a digital standpoint. 

Learn more about Ingram Micro and how they can help your business stand out by listening to this episode or by contacting your Ingram Micro account manager. 

Geico insurance without the gecko. Nike without the swoosh. Apple without the… apple.
Where would these companies be without their branding?
That’s precisely why Ingram Micro offers the services of Agency Ingram Micro to their partners. Branding is the bridge between the consumer and the product.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, guest host Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media talks with Agency Ingram Micro’s senior marketing account manager, Lauren Jenkins, and senior creative director, Josh Lieber.
The 3 discuss:
  • The importance of branding in tech and differentiating yourself
  • The services Agency Ingram Micro provides for partners
  • How Agency Ingram Micro can act as an extension of your marketing team

The value of branding in tech

The IT industry is notorious for being a little behind in the marketing department. The problem is that today, there are countless solutions from which to differentiate your solution.
Tech solution providers also tend to focus on product features—not the whole picture. With the help of smart branding, IT providers can effectively communicate the problem they’re addressing.
Not everyone who needs your solution is going to understand the importance of the features. They need to hear or see how your product is going to make their life easier or better. That’s what good branding does.
"We don't just sell the steak, we sell the sizzle." - Josh Lieber

What Agency Ingram Micro provides

Agency Ingram Micro is a full-service marketing agency for Ingram Micro partners.
A few services partners can expect from Agency Ingram Micro: 
  • Creative marketing solutions on channels such as digital, outbound, traditional, and inbound
  • Amplification of your brand’s messaging
  • Video content
  • Written content
  • Lead generation
  • Increased engagement
Agency Ingram Micro helps partners with anything that develops and enhances their brands. Even if those strategies don’t have anything to do with Ingram Micro services.
"We're invested in understanding the consumer." - Josh Lieber

An extension of your marketing team

Agency Ingram Micro is dedicated to serving you and, ultimately, the end user. Whether it’s tech or creative, B2B or B2C, a one-person shop or an entire marketing department, Agency Ingram Micro is here to help you achieve the most success possible.