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The top 5 challenges dynamic workforces are facing (and how RSA is resolving them)

July 29, 2020

The top 5 challenges dynamic workforces are facing (and how RSA is resolving them)
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The initial challenge was getting people connected to the resources they needed while working from home. The next challenge is keeping these new workflows secure.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri speaks with Brian Robertson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at RSA. They discuss:
  • The top 5 security challenges dynamic workforces are encountering today
  • How organizations can increase threat visibility
  • The impact AI will have on IT security in the future
"Being able to recognize the slightest change can have a major impact in the fight against cyberattacks." — Brian Robertson

5 security challenges of dynamic workforces

Brian lays out the 5 main challenges dynamic workforces are facing once they’re able to connect employees with needed resources.
These unorthodox connections—or workflows—present the following challenges:


How security-conscious are your employees really? Have you provided them with the best practices they need to remain secure when working from home?
Phishing attempts are up and some employees may be putting your organization at risk without even knowing it.


Brian explains that work-issued devices should be the norm. However, even work-issued laptops are susceptible to threats when being used at home.

3.Home devices

Printers, scanners and smartphones connected to the work computer offer new paths to vulnerabilities for bad actors. It’s important to ensure these home devices are secure in addition to the endpoint.

4.Home automation

Automated thermostats, doorbells and smart speakers employees have in their homes can pose as entry points to a network. Make sure your employees understand the risks.


It’s inherently riskier connecting a work device to home Wi-Fi. Many remote Wi-Fi connections are not as secure as those of businesses.
To learn more about the cyber risks of a dynamic workforce, take a look at RSA’s e-book: Cyber Risk and the Remote Workforce.
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