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The Stages of Growth for an MSP

October 08, 2021

The Stages of Growth for an MSP
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The growth journey for an MSP can be a tricky one. You’ve got a lot to focus on and a lot of hats to wear. One of the things that can be an immense help for a lot of MSPs is a Professional Service Automation (PSA) tool.

But how do you know when it’s the right time to implement a PSA tool? And what specific functions can a PSA tool offer you on each stage of your MSP growth journey?

On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we sit down with Scott Murphy and Ben Chappell from Ingram Micro to talk all about the MSP growth journey and how a PSA tool can help.

Some things we covered in our discussion include:

  • The three stages of the MSP growth journey
  •  How a PSA tool can help you on each of those stages
  • Cloud Blue, and how Ingram Micro is changing the game with this offering
  • Their predictions for where technology will take us in the coming year

The Three Stages of MSP Growth

As your journey as an MSP takes off, it’s important to prioritize each growth stage, and realize how a PSA tool can help you at each critical juncture in your journey. Let’s take a look at each stage.

1. Build

The first stage is build. It’s all about the build—the systems and the processes that keep your organization moving forward. Because no matter how quickly you grow, if your systems and processes can’t keep up with your growth, you’re in for a rough journey.

How can a PSA tool help with stage one?

It’s the easiest way to get organized. It’s all about tightening the gaps between each of the puzzle pieces in the organization. And as you do, you will find increased efficiencies, increased margin levels, and using your time a little more wisely to gain speed and get to market faster.

2. Define Best Practices

Once you’re on the build path, it’s time to define your best practices. Once you discover those efficiencies, you become a true expert, and it’s time to start documenting and putting on paper those things that help your build stage continue to grow.

How can a PSA tool help with stage two?

A good PSA tool will get partners high visibility into their profitability in less than a minute, allowing them to fine tune those practices.

3. Scale

Finally, scale.

You’ve been through the build and growth stage, you’ve defined those best practices and built your foundations, now it’s time to begin to scale.

How can a PSA tool help with stage three.

It drives scale. You can offer more cloud and technology offerings, and as your growth starts to trend exponentially, a good PSA tool will help deliver insight into every aspect of your organization’s growth.

You can contact Scott and Ben on LinkedIn, or email PSA@CloudBlue.com for more information.