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The rise of hybrid collaboration solutions with George Borden

November 17, 2022

The rise of hybrid collaboration solutions with George Borden
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Sharp and NEC products support the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model through dynamic collaboration across multiple verticals, providing high-quality solutions and devices. Through the recent company merger of Sharp/NEC, those efforts doubled.      
Shelby Skrhak speaks with George Borden, solution sales architect at Sharp/NEC, about:
  • The evolution of BYOD
  • Hybrid collaboration solutions
  • What’s next for Sharp/NEC

The evolution of BYOD

 Bring your own device is not going away any time soon. However, it is evolving into a more sustainable and convenient model. BYOD rises in sophistication as technology jumps ahead in remote capabilities due to the pandemic.
The hoops that IT departments had to jump through to allow an employee to take their work home are fading. Today, companies have adjusted to providing a laptop already vetted with the relevant security credentials, software and VPN capabilities, covering all sides of IT security.
“What Sharp/NEC is doing is allowing for the different kinds of activity types that are expected, and that customers are looking for in a solution out there in the market,” George explains.
Increased hybrid collaboration continues to grow in demand, not shrink—Sharp/NEC recognizes that and is building its equipment accordingly to support that effort.

Hybrid collaboration solutions

 Almost everyone who worked through the pandemic knows the struggle of hybrid collaboration in one form or another—from camera and mic malfunctions to internet connectivity issues.
People are looking for solutions, and Sharp/NEC is here to help. They support:
  • Tethered connection with HDMI
  • USB-C
  • Single cable connectivity
  • Wireless options
  • AP options
 All of these help remote connectivity and hybrid collaboration. “What we come to the party with—from the NEC perspective—is our CB series all-inclusive collaboration product,” George shares. "Reach out to any Sharp rep to find out more about how you can get into that."
Sharp/NEC runs the spectrum when it comes to collaboration.

What’s next for Sharp/NEC

 After the successful merger of Sharp and NEC, they have a functional foundation to build from regarding their next chapter.
“There's going to be a pace moving forward to provide, what I would consider, the best of features with the price point on all models across the board,” George says. “We're still going to be moving forward with a lot of initiatives from the NEC side as well as on the Sharp side.”
Sharp/NEC aims to continue transforming ideas into reality and delivering top-tier collaboration solutions.
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