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The power of customized solutions and solution selling with Ingram Micro

September 02, 2022

The power of customized solutions and solution selling with Ingram Micro
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The time of blindly writing checks for pre-packaged finance solutions is coming to a close—customized solutions based on attentive listening are taking over, with better results for all parties.
Solution selling unlocks a company's potential in a way that lasts.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Melanie Delvalle, Director of Customer Finance, Anthony Mackle, SVP and CFE, US and John Bak, Executive Director of Financial Solutions, all of Ingram Micro, about:
  • Solution selling and the importance of listening
  • Customized solutions and long-term impacts
  • Advice for resellers being creative with end customers 

Solution selling and the importance of listening

The conversation around tech solutions and financing, in general, has been a siloed experience with push-button packages and one-size-fits-all offerings.
Our team at Ingram Micro sees a more impactful way forward.
“The conversation has to change. It's no longer just an IT pitch, it now includes a much broader base in the company, you've got to bring that overall value proposition.” Anthony explains, “It's become solution selling, versus ‘here's a piece of hardware/software,’ you have to sell the outcome.”
It takes attentive listening to discover the core of the challenge and create a relevant value proposition.

Customized solutions and long-term impacts

A customized solution digs into the best allocation of funds based on a company's unique goals and initiatives. 
“Have that strategic conversation to understand what they are looking to drive in their business and how we can create different financing offerings that can help them be more successful than writing a check,” Melanie shares.
Upfront strategy saves time and resources. Companies care less about the name on their hardware than what the solution does for their business.
In line with this progression, Ingram Micro supports a special access MSP 100 group designed to support select clients and speak to the process of customized solutions.

Advice for resellers being creative with end customers

Our teams at Ingram Micro have a few helpful insights on what creativity can look like through the lens of solution selling in financing:
“Talk to your customers and understand what their greater business objectives are, so that you can marry together the technology and financing to help them be successful,” Melanie shares.
“Pull financing early into the conversation. What is the partner trying to do? Pull us in early as a partner and let us come up with a solution,” Anthony points out.
“It doesn't have to be a scenario where you're looking to pull out a service financing today, you can get the structure in place, and then your sales teams can use that to go hunt,” John adds.
It comes down to what the customer is trying to accomplish versus what they’re asking for. Get to the heart of the challenge.
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