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The Power of a Full and Simplified Solution

Your life could be simplified by investing in a full one-brand solution. Learn how.

November 24, 2020

The Power of a Full and Simplified Solution
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Brand loyalty: Some people get it, some people don’t. There is one major benefit of investing in one brand’s comprehensive solution, however…
The simplicity.
Dan Stewart, Cisco Business Transformation Engineer , and Cisco systems engineer, Jeff Barnhart, name off several other advantages of investing in a full solution.
Plus, they discuss…
  • How Cisco is adapting to the landscape of IoT
  • Why partners should take advantage of Meraki Marketplace
  • Why partners should care about Cisco’s and Ingram Micro’s partnership
  • Where technology is headed in the next year

Cisco offers simplicity

Following the Meraki acquisition, Cisco has benefited from the extra leadership in regard to simplifying the platform as a whole. Over the years, Meraki has been helping Cisco connect a wide array of formerly disparate technologies.
Now that Cisco’s solutions are, for the most part, under one roof, pricing has also simplified. The easy-to-understand subscription model prices have lifted a load off of Cisco reps and their customers.


Benefits of a single vendor approach

Cisco fans will be happy that the tech giant has all their ducks in a row, especially if they’re looking for a single vendor approach.
There are several reasons Jeff and Dan describe as to why a partner would want to invest in full solutions from one brand. 
  • Comprehensive support for all of your solutions
  • No tracking down the vendor responsible for a piece of technology
  • The chance to build a trusting relationship with your vendor
  • With solutions all under one roof, troubleshooting is simple
  • A single trusted point of contact

Where’s technology going?

With continual threats in the healthcare space, Dan sees new technologies being developed to secure health system assets. Those security solutions will likely go on to be implemented in other industries like education and finance.
Jeff also predicts more sophisticated security solutions being developed in the next year. He believes remote work will continue to accelerate technology adoption at lightning speed.
Find Cisco Solution Support here and Cisco DevNet here.