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The new normal for managed printer services (MPS)

July 24, 2020

The new normal for managed printer services (MPS)
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One aspect customers often overlook in their home office is the printer. Typically, someone else handles the paper jams, toner replacement and keeping the paper tray stocked. But what about now? Millions of people are now working remotely and using their home printer more than ever.
In this episode, Keri chats with Ingram Micro’s senior vendor business manager, Paul Sin, about the new normal of managed printer services (MPS).
They also talk about:
  • How Ingram Micro’s MPS can help remote workforces stay productive and secure
  • What partners have been doing to adjust to the new normal of business
  • What employees should expect in terms of safety at the office
"Working from home is becoming a permanent option. Before, it was a nice-to-have. Now, it's becoming a need-to-have." — Paul Sin

MPS, from Ingram Micro

It’s something employees not used to working from home have taken advantage of in the past: the office printer.

Managing printers

Someone else orders toner when it’s needed.
Someone else fixes it when it’s jammed.
Someone else worries about the security of the files being sent to it.
Now, it’s everyone’s job to manage that stuff on their own. Fortunately, Ingram Micro offers comprehensive managed printer services (MPS) to our partners and their customers.

Printer services

This doesn’t mean remote employees will be setting up large-scale printers in their home offices to stay secure. MPS covers personalized desktop printers too.
With a low-risk investment, partners will be able to ensure their MPS customers:
  • Have the right supplies on hand (like toner cartridges)
  • Stay protected against malware
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Maintain optimal productivity
  • Keep repair costs down

The future of office safety

As companies phase in more employees to work in the office, it’s important to keep safety top-of-mind.
Paul sees businesses following each other’s lead in regard to bringing workforces back on-premise. Whether your employees are working from home or coming into the office, Paul advises everyone to get creative and flexible.
No one knows what the future holds, but the best thing we can do is be ready to adapt and look for new opportunities to make the most of what we have.
Can Ingram Micro MPS help your customers?
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