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The new IT of observability

November 15, 2022

The new IT of observability
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Applications evolve rapidly and are creating unexplored levels of complexity and an extremely dynamic environment.
The founders of Instana realized legacy APM tools were going to struggle to handle emerging cloud-based containerized microservice applications.
The new observability approach goes far beyond old capabilities, maximizes efficiency, and reduces costs.
Shelby Skrhak dives into the all-encompassing ideal of observability with Chris Farrell, vice Ppresident of Value Services at IBM, and Manoj Khabe, VP, Enterprise Management Solutions and Strategy at Converge Technology Solutions Corp:
  • The need for a new way of monitoring ever more complex applications
  • How organizations can use observability to increase efficiency and cut costs
  • The challenges of ensuring optimal performance and avoiding catastrophic events
The lines are now blurred between software and infrastructure as tech companies face multiple challenges to stay competitive.

A super version of APM

Chris joined Instana in 2017 as a product marketing and marketing ops manager. His impressive resume also includes demand gen and software engineering and an MBA in entrepreneurship from prestigious Duke University.
Manoj had a unique background as a solution architect, practice leader and CTO before taking a VP seat at Converge Technology Solutions, a premier IBM business partner that “delivers solutions around analytics, app modernization, cloud platforms and digital workspace in the remote work era.”
Both teams leverage best practice methodologies to help their customers become more efficient, reduce costs and find a competitive advantage.
“Observability includes aspects of APM, but it goes well beyond the capability of legacy tools,” Chris points out. With the swarm to microservices and the “very fast adoption of container technology,” this created an ephemeral and constantly shifting environment.
“A new way of monitoring this new technology was needed.”

Striving for continuous delivery

DevOps and SREs were building pressure on the old-school tools to keep up with both velocity and complexity.
Chris emphasizes that, “you can’t just have a code-centric view of the world anymore, you have to understand what all the services are doing as part of an application environment.”
Observability encompasses the connection between software and infrastructure, managing a full stack and understanding how it affects end users and resources. It’s the concept of how organizations can use immense quantities of data more efficiently.

Ensuring application performance

Manoj believes that with the rise of microservices and cloud-native technologies, organizations need, “two fundamental aspects that need to coexist—high-quality code in your application, and the resources to ensure that the code executes without delay optimally at high performance.”
That's where the Enterprise Observability Platform offered by Instana is key to successfully delivering modern applications.
Chris warns that, “by not having the right tool in place, you’re risking a catastrophic event.” It might be minor, but it could also affect your bottom line or the viability of your business.
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