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Securing it all with SecureX

June 19, 2020

Securing it all with SecureX
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IT security has a curse—and it isn’t hackers.
It’s the inundation of security products. Every new security solution brings a new set of alerts and a new team to collaborate with.
Thanks to Cisco, there’s now one solution that can bring all of your security products together: SecureX.
Collin Rauen, Thomas Mann and Kevin Switzer join Keri to discuss the advantages of SecureX for partners.

"SecureX correlates threats across multiple products and puts them into one screen... This will help to decrease human error and time to remediation." — Kevin Switzer
There are several characteristics not included in current enterprise security products that IT pros need, according to an ESG report of 2,800 companies.
These are the exact features that Cisco is targeting with SecureX. Those features include…
1. Better threat visibility
With multiple security products operating independently of each other, it’s difficult to see where threats are coming from.
2. Quick time to detection
By combining all analytics from your current security products, SecureX decreases your time to threat detection.
3. One set of alerts
Multiple security solutions means multiple sets of alerts. It can be difficult keeping all the system alerts straight. SecureX combines them into one set, making it easier and faster to detect threats.
4. Vendor consolidation
Again, with numerous security systems come many vendors to collaborate with. SecureX consolidates those independent teams into one easy-to-use dashboard.
5. Automation
If it was possible for a system to detect and deter a threat automatically, wouldn’t you want it to? With SecureX, automation is on your side.

Learn more about SecureX by visiting this webpage, this blog or this video. You can also reach out to any one of our guests today directly: