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The Most Personal Marketing Tool in Our Arsenal Is... Email

September 11, 2020

The Most Personal Marketing Tool in Our Arsenal Is... Email
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Email is all about relationships.
Think about it. Your 10-year customer has been reading your emails for 10 years.
That’s a really long love letter.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, your host Keri Roberts dives into all things email marketing with Chris Bugler, Senior Digital Producer at Ingram Micro.

We discuss why email is so personal, as well as…

  • Content creation & ROI
  • Avoiding spam at all costs
  • Segmenting your email campaign
“Email should be an ongoing part of your marketing and brand strategy. That means that you need to build that relationship over time with your customer.” — Chris Bugler

Unlike with other paid media, users actually opt in to email. Email is one of the main avenues for brands to create and maintain relationships with customers.

Email Is a Conversation
Email will continue to be relevant in the marketing ecosystem.

It’s especially versatile and effective for 3 reasons.

1)  Segmentation
Take just a segment of your email database and send a relevant message to specific recipients.

You’ll get better open rates…

And, of course, nobody clicks through without opening first.

2)  Impressive ROI
The more data you can leverage to make your email into a brand building and sales conversion tool, the better.

Dive into terms like these: customer engagement, delivery, subscriber churn, open rates, click through rates, and CTAs.

3)  Customer Focus
Back to the idea that your emails are letters to your customers… You don’t want to be nonstop begging them to buy.

Chris said it best:
“The main thing to do with all of our campaigns is give customers relevant information that's helpful to their business.”

Your email is an opportunity to help your customers get better at what they do.

A Few Email Tips

  • Don’t send blast emails. Recipients get annoyed when emails don’t line up with their business needs
  • Be specific about your audience and product or service. Use visuals effectively here to speak to your customer.
  • Let the recipient’s response dictate your next email. We all love a letter customized just for us.
  • For B2B emails, remember to focus on value. A subscriber could get email from you for 10 years or more, so don’t waste that relationship with repetitive pleas to purchase.

Bonus: Make your emails mobile friendly. (Make sure they’re rendering properly before you hit Send.)

Where is technology going within the next year?

Chris listed 3 trends:

  1. Interactive email (think gifs, video, and even quizzes)
  2. Integrated email databases and seamless tools
  3. Privacy and security to protect data
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