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The intersection of IoT and ESG

March 28, 2022

The intersection of IoT and ESG
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To continue our series on the intersection of IoT and leading industries, we’re looking at the interplay between IoT data and ESG solutions.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with a panel of experts on IoT’s use in ESG.
George Lu, associate director of ESG technical analyses, reporting and strategy at ADEC Innovations, John Marler, director of global ESG, and Mrinalini Lakshminarayanan, global executive director for emerging technologies, both with Ingram Micro, talk about:
  • The definition of ESG
  • How IoT is helping implement ESG solutions
  • Pain points associated with implementation
  • What it means for Ingram Micro partners and resellers


ESG is gaining popularity these days. What exactly is it?
It stands for environmental, social and governance, and it establishes metrics around sustainability initiatives within an organization.
“This has really come about because of the risk associated with all three of these aspects of business,” George says.
ESG affects every industry. It’s not only about your carbon footprint and how many factories you have. It examines your whole supply chain and how you conduct operations.
Data is the lifeblood of ESG.
“Without being able to look at the data, it’s very difficult to manage those risks,” George says.


IoT is instrumental in establishing ESG solutions.
Take smart buildings, for example. Smart sensors ensure proper utility usage. They flag when a room is not occupied and shut off the lights or adjust the HVAC controls. They detect water leaks and report any issues immediately.
“With IoT devices, you can get real-time data on energy and resource usage, which can be a really powerful tool to help you optimize and minimize the amount you’re using,” John says.

Pain points

There are a few pain points related to the implementation of IoT:
  • Staffing with the proper expertise
  • Scattered Wi-Fi availability
  • Poor access to cellular signals
  • Training staff
  • Ensuring you get the maximum utility out of deployment
  • Human health and human rights issues

Ingram Micro partners and resellers

There has been a significant increase in funding for ESG spaces as of late, and that translates to huge opportunities for partners.
Start working with customers by explaining how ESG can benefit them. For example, they:
  • Achieve better access to resources
  • Build stronger communities
  • Build stronger government relationships
  • Attract better talent and boost morale
  • Increase safety in the workplace
  • Help solve looming regulatory issues
 That last point is important to note. The SEC is increasingly shifting focus to ESG and looking into the prospect of ESG reporting.
By investing in ESG reporting early, companies will be working to protect their investments from a risk perspective.
As George reports, “That technology and the data to capture that information is going to be critical in terms of your disclosures, and potentially could become mandatory at some point.”
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