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Staying Connected: The Importance of Network Resilience

July 14, 2021

Staying Connected: The Importance of Network Resilience
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Is your company ready for the next outage? Because at this point, it’s not a matter of IF your network goes down, it’s a matter of WHEN it goes down.

And when it does, will you be down for 10 minutes? 10 hours? 10 days? Imagine what 10 days offline could do to your bottom line. What do you need to do in order to ensure that your network is not only redundant, but resilient?
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Bryan Keepers and Todd Rychecky from Opengear talk about:
  • Network redundancy vs. network resilience
  • The importance of network resilience
  • What network resilience means for your business, specifically channel sales
  • Their predictions of where technology is going in the next year

Redundancy vs. resilience

Ask any IT director in the country and they’ll probably agree: it’s not a matter of IF you have an outage. It’s a matter of WHEN. The real question is, how prepared are you?
A lot of people talk about network redundancy. Multiple routers so that if one goes down another will kick in and take its place. Generators so that networks don’t fail when the power goes out. These are all great examples of redundancy.
But resilience is more than redundancy. Resilience is preparing for that worst-case scenario. And ensuring that when it does happen and your entire network does go down, it’s only down for a short period of time.
Entire networks going down is something that CEOs lose sleep over, and a good network resiliency plan will help your CEO sleep better at night.

Importance of network resilience

If you weren't already convinced of the need for network resilience, consider the study that Opengear did recently of 500 companies. 30% of those 500 companies have lost at least a million dollars in revenue as a result of downtime in the past year.
That’s AT LEAST 150 million dollars lost due to network outages.
And 40% of those outages took more than a day to resolve. Stop and think about what a full day of downtime would do to your bottom line. What targets would you not be hitting as a result?
On top of all of that, add in travel.

One of the biggest headaches IT professionals say they face is having to travel to help remediate an outage. Which is why a secure remote access solution is so important. Instead of having to get on a plane or drive to where the outage is occurring, you can help remotely and get your company back online.
Want to hear more about how a great network resilience can help you and your organization? Make sure and listen to the whole interview.ew.