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The Future of Cybersecurity is Integration

October 09, 2020

The Future of Cybersecurity is Integration
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This October, however, feels a bit different from ones before in regard to IT security.
It’s becoming less and less practical to deploy multi-vendor tech stacks, especially during such a rise in cyberattacks as we’re seeing.
To shed some light on this issue is Eric Kohl, VP of Networking & Security Business at Ingram Micro, and Paul Barbosa, Sr. Director of Security Sales at Cisco.
They discuss…
  • How users can protect themselves from cyberattacks
  • How partners can grow their MSP businesses by offering more security solutions
  • What Cisco is doing to serve the cybersecurity community as a whole
  • The future of IT security

Protect your house, first and foremost

Users and MSPs both need to focus on protecting their home bases over all else.
Users can protect themselves and their families from cyberattacks by…
  • Changing passwords often
  • Using a password storage app
  • Using multi-factor authentication
  • Being mindful of how you’re using home speakers, like Alexa
MSPs, you’re up. Since March of 2020, MSPs have been experiencing cyberthreats like never before. That’s because bad actors can access so many more victims than they could by targeting one business at a time.
To take care of your clients, you’ve got to take care of yourself first.
"If anything, you need to ramp up your security posture more than ever based on the increased frequency and volume of attacks." — Eric Kohl
This probably means upping your security spend. It doesn’t mean, however, that you need to find more security vendors.

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Cisco: Your anchor vendor

For the past 25 years, MSPs have had to build stacks of multi-vendor security solutions. This disparate strategy can leave holes in your defense, especially if you’ve recently migrated operations to the cloud.
Getting your security solutions under one cohesive roof means…
  • Cost efficiency
  • Integrated security
  • Easy-to-manage solutions
  • Intelligent automation and orchestration
"Intelligence for intelligence sake is relatively useless unless all point solutions are able to take advantage of it in a timely manner." — Paul Barbosa

The future of IT security

Paul sees more emphasis on integration across security products as we enter 2021. Integration will be integral as more businesses move to the cloud and, therefore, encounter more threats.
Eric believes the way we work has changed forever. Going into 2021, there will be a continued focus on end-point security for remote workers and learners.
Why Cisco Security? Learn more about Ingram Micro security offerings and Security Line Card.
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