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The expanding partnership of Citrix and Google Cloud

June 01, 2022

The expanding partnership of Citrix and Google Cloud
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Citrix and Google Cloud have enjoyed a long-lasting and fruitful partnership focused on enabling transformation for customers. Recently, Citrix announced plans to expand that partnership.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Todd Terbeek, Managing Director Global Cloud Innovation Strategic Partnerships at Citrix, about:

●      Expanding the partnership with Google Cloud

●      The value proposition of Citrix and Google together

●      How customers use Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Expanding the partnership

The partnership between Citrix and Google Cloud started about 12 years ago.

"Google approached Citrix at the time and said, ‘We’d love to show some business apps on this new class of laptop we’re developing. Could you help us with that?’ That was really where our partnership started,” Todd says.

Over the years, that partnership has expanded. For example, Citrix linked up with Google Cloud platform in 2017. And now, the two companies are ready for the next step.

At the Google Cloud Next keynote last October, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, announced that the partnership would expand its focus to include the future of hybrid work. That’s how Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) on Google Cloud platform came to be.

Value proposition of Citrix and Google Cloud

Citrix and Google Cloud are such potent partners because they share a singular focus—transformation for their customers.

Google is known as the transformation cloud, helping customers use data and drive insights in new and innovative ways. Citrix has carved out a niche helping customers transform the way they work and engage employees.

Together, the two companies have a lot to offer companies focused on IT modernization—and in three areas in particular:

  • Secure hybrid work: Citrix has a secure private access product offering that helps reduce customers' attack surface, leveraging zero trust security concepts and offerings. The company has also worked with customers to avoid and even break in-progress ransomware attacks.

  • Business continuity: Citrix played a big role in helping customers become more agile and able to handle anything that came their way, including the sudden onset of hybrid work.

  • Better performance: Citrix has been the pioneer in DaaS for many years, so it is capable of scaling and creating better customer experiences at a level that its competitors cannot match, according to Todd.

The intertwining roadmaps and joint development work of Citrix and Google is a large part of why they are able to offer customers tremendous value.

“We’ve gotten really good at listening to customers together and building the things they need,” Todd says.

What is DaaS

Citrix views DaaS as any cloud service that enables the management of virtual desktops. That management is what Citrix does.

Citrix and Google have been able to help organizations implement DaaS using the technology platform they built together. According to Todd, these offerings represent a profitable opportunity for partners.

“It's a great opportunity for partners out there to engage with Citrix and Google Cloud to help customers make those choices and win based on the value we're delivering.”

Visit Citrix and Google Cloud for more information.

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