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The exclusive benefits of the One Lenovo Booster Program

December 09, 2021

The exclusive benefits of the One Lenovo Booster Program
The One Lenovo Booster Program offers a number of exclusive benefits to members—and it’s worthwhile for both the IDG side as well as the ISG side.
Want to know more?
Shelby Skrhak talks with Alyssa Unterborn, sr. solutions sales specialist, and Ron Corley, solutions development executive, both with Ingram Micro, about:
  • Lenovo’s relationship with Ingram Micro
  • The One Lenovo Booster Program
  • How to pitch the program to your clients

16 years together

Ingram Micro and Lenovo have forged a 16-year-long partnership that shows no signs of slowing down.
In fact, Ingram Micro continues to be one of Lenovo’s largest global supply chain partners and technology providers in the channel.
“We’ve made some really, really strong bonds with the organization,” Alyssa says. “This allows us to leverage those long-standing relationships and connections with executives and our amazing vendor team to always find resolutions and solutions for our partners.”
One such solution is the …

One Lenovo Booster Program

Lenovo is most known for the PC side of their business. However, they also work with data centers in addition to owning Motorola.
The program aims to unite all of those opportunities under one roof.
“We’re all coming together to combine efforts on both the IDG and ISG sides of Lenovo’s business to create value for any and all types of partners transacting,” Alyssa says.
Some perks of the program include:

Tech Talks

Ingram Micro’s technology consultant, Pratik Patel, weaves together strategy and technical configuration into deep technical discussions that focus on how to make solutions work for end users.
He often brings on special guests from NVIDIA and Intel, a clear reflection of the alliances that Lenovo—as well as Ingram Micro—has formed with those partners.

Lunch and Learns/quarterly events

Because there’s always something new being created or announced, these monthly Lunch and Learns serve as a way to stay on top of the ever-evolving IT industry.
There’s also perks within this perk:
  • Only 30 minutes long
  • A $25 Grubhub certificate
  • An invite to the quarterly event
 Guest speakers have ranged from actor Jason Alexander to snowboarder Shaun White.

Try and Buy program

Normally, Lenovo doesn’t allow open-box returns.
However, one unique perk of the One Lenovo Booster Program is that partners and their clients are able to have hands-on experience with products without having to commit to purchasing them.

Pitching the program

There are so many options out there when it comes to technology. This program will allow you to test out a unit before purchasing, so that you're not stuck with something that doesn’t meet your needs.
The best way to sign up is by visiting imaginenext.ingrammicro.com/lenovo-booster-program.
For more information, email Ron (ron.corley@ingrammicro.com) or Alyssa (alyssa.unterborn@ingrammicro.com).
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