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The Cisco Experience Center delivers hands-on business transformation

January 02, 2020

The Cisco Experience Center delivers hands-on business transformation
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When you’re considering investing big bucks into new tech solutions, it’d be nice to see and hear how they work together first, right?
That’s exactly what Cisco Customer Experience Centers provide: the complete, hands-on experience of your architecture transforming your business.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk live from Ingram Micro’s ONE event, guest host Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media meets up with Jeff Barnhart (systems engineer at Cisco) and Matt White (consulting systems engineer at Cisco Meraki).
They go over:
  • How Cisco Customer Experience Centers benefit Ingram Micro partners
  • Everything you can see at the Customer Experience Centers
  • How Customer Experience Centers are transforming businesses
Resources mentioned in this episode:  

How Cisco Customer Experience Centers are benefitting Ingram Micro partners

Whether you choose to visit Cisco’s Customer Experience Center on-site or virtually, partners can expect a dedicated specialist to demonstrate how different tech solutions work in-sync.
Located in Buffalo, N.Y., the Customer Experience Center is always equipped with the newest Cisco solutions. The knowledgeable engineers there can help you with product demonstrations, team training, questions and even proof-of-concept scenarios for your end users.
"It's always going to be multiple products working together to create real, working solutions for a customer." - Matt White

Everything you can see

Matt and Jeff list a few aspects that Ingram Micro partners and customers can expect from the Experience Center: 
  • Live or remote demonstrations
  • Demos of how Cisco devices work with third-party devices
  • Virtual software training
  • The opportunity to see Cisco’s entire product portfolio
  • Consultation on how to achieve specific business outcomes
  • Different technology every time you visit
  • Technical and sales training
  • The ability to see your tech solutions working in a real environment

Transform your business

By having hands-on experiences with your tech solutions, you’ll be able to see how the architecture is going to transform your business outcomes. This helps in understanding how your organization will be affected by new architecture.
Ingram Micro partners can experience the transformation and have the opportunity to be trained in integrating it for their companies and their customers.
"This is a way to change your business and help you establish a new practice in a different vertical." - Jeff Barnhart