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The benefits of being a member of the SMB Alliance

February 25, 2022

The benefits of being a member of the SMB Alliance
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In a special As the Gears Turn edition, we’re getting an insider’s perspective on the benefits of being a member of the SMB Alliance.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Peter Fidler, president of WCA Technologies, about:
  • The early days of WCA Technologies
  • The advantages of accessing vendors through Ingram Micro
  • The value of being a member of the SMB Alliance

Early days

During his first job working for the New York City mayor’s office in 1983, Peter fell in love with technology.
“I just saw that it could make my life easier,” he says.
It was in that same office that he met his business partner, and in 1988, they decided to start WCA Technologies.
“It was rough the first few years because neither of us knew what we were doing,” he says.
However, that all started to change when they joined the SMB Alliance.
“It was a tipping point for us,” Peter says. “Talking with other partners made a huge difference.”

Advantages of partnership

Accessing partners through Ingram Micro has been beneficial for WCA Technologies. Peter highlights two vendors where the Ingram Micro relationship has been instrumental.


Years ago, WCA Technologies was a managed partner with Microsoft. But then, all of a sudden, they weren’t. They weren’t even notified of the change.
Thankfully, Ingram Micro came to the rescue.
“They started with regular meetings just making sure to educate us,” Peter says.
Those actions helped turn things around.
However, every relationship is not without its challenges. During this rocky period, Ingram Micro was willing to have open conversations about when they needed to step up and when WCA Technologies needed to leverage the partnership more effectively.
“You really can tell the value of somebody who’s selling to you when they’re there in bad times,” Peter says.


WCA Technologies has always been a Dell direct partner. However, Ingram Micro has offered tremendous support in terms of supply chain struggles and financing, especially during the pandemic.
“Particularly in these rough times, a lot of our clients are paying slower,” Peter says. “And Ingram has been huge with that.”

Value of the SMB Alliance

“With our clients, we’re their advocate,” Peter says, “and it’s great to have, particularly in the SMB Alliance, somebody who will fight for you when you’re trying to get something done.”
In addition to the support of the Ingram Micro team, you also receive the support from fellow alliance members.
“It’s really the members of the community,” Peter says. “You get the most value in sharing information and sharing stories.”
There’s a trust that’s built up within the community, even amongst competitors.
“They don’t want to see harm come to me,” Peter says. “They want to see how they can help me, and it makes the community as a whole stronger.”
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