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The art of conscious selling: How to develop your sales representatives’ professional skills

March 05, 2021

The art of conscious selling: How to develop your sales representatives’ professional skills
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Getting people to change their habits is challenging. It’s also the main objective of a good sales rep.
How can salespeople move from fear of objection to focusing on customer needs to changing habits and closing the deal?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts is joined by Andy Ryder, facilitator and Resultant at ELP and certified facilitator of IBM’s global sales school, to discuss how companies can develop their sales representatives’ and managers’ professional skills.
They also discussed:
  • Common issues salespeople face and how they can overcome them
  • Techniques for practicing conscious selling
  • How to use emotion to help your customers create habits
  • How sellers can shift their mindset to overcome fear and focus on the customer
  • How IBM Technology Support Services can benefit your business 
  • The future of technology

What is conscious selling?

Research has shown that people are working on autopilot 47% of the time. But if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.
As a salesperson, standing out is really about consciously thinking and selling. It’s about breaking free from rote scripts and being fully engaged in the moment with the customer. Sales is not just about selling but about understanding what the customer needs.

Why is conscious selling difficult? 

Sales is not just about selling. It's about understanding customer needs. All salespeople know this, but not all of them take this knowledge to their interactions. There are two main reasons why salespeople might forget to address customer needs:
They're under pressure to sell. This stops them from being conscious in their interactions, even if they’d like to be.
They employ a self-centered narrative. Forty-seven percent of decision-making executives in the IT industry say salespeople talk too much about their own product and not enough about the customer’s own business.

How can we shift our mindset to customer needs?

Many salespeople have a fear of objection handling. But if you eradicate the word “objection” and replace it with “concern” it makes objections more approachable, and it becomes less of a conversation about your product and more of a discussion around the customer’s needs. Most objections are actually misunderstandings.

How can we overcome the fear of objection?

The main fear that a seller has is that the customer will say the product or service is too expensive. In many cases it’s a sentence which throws the seller, but actually it’s a tactic. When you train salespeople about the tactics that buyers use, you empower them to have those conversations about price honestly and confidently. Addressing this fear is all about mindset and being in control of the gap between your thoughts and your behavior.

What is IBM TSS and why is it valuable?

Not many people are aware of IBM Technology Support Services (IBM TSS), but it’s a valuable asset to any company that owns hardware or software from IBM.
TSS maintains IT hardware and software and provides services for IBM equipment and even other manufacturers’ equipment. Essentially, it diagnoses and repairs problems in the total IT environment.
TSS is like an insurance policy. With TSS you get instant maintenance when something breaks down, so you can keep your critical IBM systems running with around-the-clock technology support. And, because Ingram Micro is an IBM distributor, TSS is available to Ingram Micro customers.
Learn more about IBM Technology Support Services.