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The #1 reason people are afraid of AI

October 12, 2020

The #1 reason people are afraid of AI
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The #1 reason people are scared of AI isn’t job loss. It’s loss of expertise.
People fear the computer will come in and show them up at what they’ve spent their professional lives perfecting.
That will never happen.
In this episode, host Keri Roberts interviews Mark Thames, Global Partner Business Development Leader - AI Enterprise at Juniper Networks, about mind-blowing applications for Mist 360 that don’t steal human jobs.

Things they discussed:

  • AI as a valuable addition to the IT department
  • How AI improves the customer experience
  • AI applications for enterprise and SMB
Popular use cases right now with AI are getting better insight into your environment, to do better automation to quickly solve problems, and to have self-driving environments.” — Mark Thames

AI offers environmental control

AI helps humans manage environments better and faster.
Mark explained that AI helps data scientists find needles in a haystack.
Basically, it’s your ideal troubleshooting partner because AI can identify where problems occur and can even predict problem spaces.

Fear of AI

We build our careers on becoming experts at something—and we’re afraid that AI will swoop in and become more valuable than we are.
But what actually happens with AI is that it lifts the burden of time-consuming manual tasks.
“It's going to make you even more valuable,” Mark said, “because instead of being a firefighter, constantly fighting outages, and trying to solve problems, you're now providing a more stable environment to your company.”
You can stop troubleshooting and get back to being the expert.

What Mark loves about Mist 360

It’s the first time he’s worked with a product that his customers describe how they're using—and he’s blown away.
Mist 360 is the AI-powered networking startup that Juniper Networks acquired in March 2019, which focuses on the customer experience.
Mist is also…
  • A warehouse logistics manager. It noticed when a human entered the wrong date in a configuration and identified the problem before it became a disaster.
  • A customer experience expert. It can guide a Walmart customer to the perfect toothpaste, provide a coupon and log valuable marketing data.
  • The perfect addition to the IT department. Its virtual networking system, called Marvis, learns and troubleshoots your entire environment 24/7.
One customer was getting 200 help desk tickets a month.
Marvis made it 2 ... soon to be 0.
Every day there are more devices developed that connect to a network. This system makes sure everything aligns.
Mist scales to enterprise size comfortably, but it also helps SMBs with fewer resources through ease of deployment.
“There's so many things you can do with this technology,” Mark said.

Where is technology heading in the next year?

Mark: We’ll see more use cases and business outcomes on how people can use technology, like app integration services, mobile app development, DevOps integration into apps and automation for everything.
Get in touch with Mark on LinkedIn and learn about Juniper at juniper.assist@ingrammicro.com.
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