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Technology is the new FMCG

With its pervasiveness, it’s time to demystify the incredible workplace of tech.

October 15, 2020

Technology is the new FMCG
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Technology is the new FMCG

In this episode of Coffee with Women in Technology from B2B Tech Talk, Anjana Srinivasan, Device Sales Lead at Microsoft, talks about her journey from architecture to technology.
“We are in the category that is touching people’s lives in so many ways.”—Anjana Srinivasan
Topics discussed:
  • Demystifying technology and its pervasiveness
  • Building a career path and strong personal brand at work
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Mentorships and internships
As you go through your career, you may think each stage is the height of your abilities, but you’ll learn there’s always room to grow. Each stage allows you the opportunity to develop and learn from the one before. Remember, if a new experience feels challenging, you know it’ll be a great opportunity for growth.

The Biggest Opportunities in Technology

First, Anjana breaks down the stereotypes of technology. If you think about it in the same way as FMCG, you realize there are so many opportunities that aren’t “technical” in technology. Once the scope of technology is expanded, you realize you can enter into the area most closely aligned to your career goals.
Ten years ago, we didn’t have Uber or Grubhub—huge opportunities in technology that aren’t “robot” focused like the stereotypes could imply. They’re more people focused. This is just a small example of the diversity for how far technology is expanding and advancing in its societal role.

Diversity Helps the Bottom Line

We’re not where we want to be yet, but more organizations are getting closer. We should be focusing on gender diversity as well as racial diversity. There is a massive business case, as well as societal case, for diversity and it’s encouraging to see more businesses focusing on this in their agendas.
Anjana talks about her experience at Microsoft Inspire and how inspirational it was to see the motivation that Microsoft has to grow a diverse environment, as well as her experience with inclusion and exclusion. 
Growing up in India as a woman, a minority in India, gave Anjana so much experience with the struggles of trying to be an equal in society as well as in a career. When she entered technology, a workplace that wasn’t built for women with long work hours, not fit for women with children, she faced a new set of challenges. None of this, however, held her back from climbing the ladder. Amazing leadership that focused on inclusion helped with this equal opportunity to grow.

Building a Brand

Find the seat at the table.
“As women, we find the cracks to fit into.”—Anjana Srinivasan
Women will squeeze into the areas that are needed instead of taking a seat at the table.  Believe in yourself and have the courage to speak up so that others will take notice and follow your lead. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable or nervous. It’s the prime way to grow.
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