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Technology is getting better—service should, too

March 06, 2020

Technology is getting better—service should, too
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It’s amazing how quickly we absorb new technologies in our lives and move on from old ones. In the blink of an eye, flip phones transformed from cutting-edge gadgetry to the crude tools of Neanderthals. These days, we expect our tech to do a lot more.
So, shouldn’t we expect more from the services that go with it?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri Roberts talks with Peter Paldino, channel services marketing manager, Lenovo, and Michael Thompson, Lenovo market development executive, Ingram Micro.
They discuss:
  • Why users expect more from technology
  • Why service should complement the hardware
  • How a rewarding customer experience is better for everyone

Advanced technology means advanced users

In the past, the technology you used for work was confined to your desk.
Your phone, your computer, and its software stayed put.
And if you wanted to work outside your normal hours? Chances are, you’d need your desk.
Technology has advanced so quickly that this is laughably archaic. Who uses only one computer? We spread our work across multiple devices and we want the same experience across them.
We expect more from our technology.
“Users now want to work anytime, anywhere and have that same experience across all their devices, personal and professional.” – Peter Paldino.
Yet, for many, buying is still stuck in the past.

Service should complement the hardware

When it comes to technology, buyers are more sophisticated in their expectations. But buying hardware from a company that disappears afterward is not.
Advancements in technology should come with advancements in the services that complement it.
But what does this look like in practice?
Lenovo is a great example of providing a total solution beyond simply selling hardware and being a trusted advisor for their customers through Lenovo Services.
At Ingram Micro and Lenovo, partner enablement is treasured. So, together, we created a portal for our partners to explore Lenovo’s product portfolio and pricing programs, track rebates and even earn rewards along the way.
The portal also offers access to the content partners need to succeed, like training and sales enablement tools.
Advanced technology should come with advanced service so the user can feel rewarded for their time.

A rewarding experience 

At the end of the day, you want to maintain strong relationships with your partners and customers. People should be happy to be in business with you.
So, how do we do it?
The Ingram Micro and Lenovo Partner Portal is our approach for providing the best in customer satisfaction.
The training we provide keeps partners educated and well-versed in the latest news on Lenovo’s service program, including our sales reps here at Ingram. It’s also a place to have conversations and ask questions.
And we offer rewards, which have really motivated our customers to drive their own sales. Our program offers up to 4% cashback on all your Lenovo purchases through Ingram Micro and 1% back on premier sales.
Programs like this are a great way to cultivate customer loyalty and retention, but they also make sure everyone has a rewarding experience.
After all, who said doing business has to be boring?

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