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Lifecycle advantage with Nicole Dziedzic and Bryan Buckner

November 27, 2019

Lifecycle advantage with Nicole Dziedzic and Bryan Buckner
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What would it take to level up your company?

Think bigger than just new office chairs or a ping pong table.
Think about an update that would make life easier not only for your team, but for your customers too.
In the latest episode of B2B Tech Talk, guest host Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media attends Ingram Micro’s ONE event to meet up with:

Nicole Dziedzic, Senior Vendor Business Manager (Cisco) at Ingram Micro
Bryan Buckner, Business Development Manager, Distribution at Cisco

The group discusses how new solutions from Cisco can help your business and your customers’ businesses level up.

Saving time

B2B sales are hardly ever a one-time transaction deal anymore. Being helpful throughout the customer’s experience is crucial to retaining business. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time to keep up with all your customers.
That’s where the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage can help.
The Lifecycle Advantage automates the crucial touchpoints you need to maintain to keep customers happy. Plus, because it’s able to tell where each customer is in the recurring revenue model, Lifecycle Advantage optimizes the messaging to be the most helpful to your customers as possible.