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Taking Advantage of Ingram Micro’s Tools to Sell into the Healthcare Space

November 16, 2021

Taking Advantage of Ingram Micro’s Tools to Sell into the Healthcare Space
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For resellers to be successful when selling to the healthcare industry, it pays to have a partner that can do demos and help you close deals.

At Ingram Micro, that partner is the Business Transformation Center.

In this episode, Shelby Skrhak speaks with Michael Mason, Sr. Business Transformation Engineer at Ingram Micro about:

  • How the BTC helps engineer multi-vendor solutions
  • The checklist for engineering individualized healthcare solutions
  • The value of working with the BTC

Multi-vendor solutions

The Business Transformation Center, otherwise known as the BTC, is a free resource for customers.

Traditionally, its value lies in providing access to demos for end users to help resellers close deals. Additionally, the team has helped resellers decide which solutions to sell.

Because there is so much technology available, the team has begun to rethink their approach. Now, they have broadened their expertise so that they can look at the big picture, which enables them to put together a comprehensive solution that helps partners sell into a variety of industries.

Healthcare process

Healthcare is one such industry that the BTC targets.

How do they go about engineering individualized solutions?

They’ve created what they call reference architectures. These frameworks provide a lens with which to view the industry in order to ensure that different vendors and solutions mesh.

For healthcare, the reference architecture consists of:

  • Assessment
  • Safety
  • Workflow
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Security
  • Assessment

“Each of those things brings in some different solutions,” Michael says. “We go through the whole process of looking at each one of these things and seeing what fits.”

You might notice that the reference architecture begins and ends with assessment. That allows the team to assess what might be the perfect solutions at the start and make adjustments to optimize at the finish.

“The idea with those points is we are looking at what the end value is, the why of it,” Michael says.


Another assessment the BTC offers is the INFRAM+ assessment, which is particularly good for large organizations like hospitals.

This approach takes into account the input of hospital administrators, clinicians and importantly, the IT staff. The result: a roadmap that helps maximize future technology investments.

The value of the BTC

What the BTC really offers resellers is the ability to try different things and not limit themselves to a handful of solutions.

It’s a team that can get you in touch with the why behind a comprehensive solution and help you close deals. It ensures that you don’t leave anything on the table.

It’s one of the many tools Ingram Micro offers to their partners.

For more information, email Michael at btc@ingrammicro.com or visit the Business Transformation Center.

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