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Takeaways from the ONE Experience, Ingram Micro’s global virtual event

How IM continues to do business globally, despite the impact of COVID-19

November 16, 2020

Takeaways from the ONE Experience, Ingram Micro’s global virtual event
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The Ingram Micro ONE Experience 2020 was ONE for the books.
Despite the challenges of creating a fully virtual large-scale event, Ingram Micro was determined to offer partners substantial and actionable takeaways, as well as make some exciting announcements.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts chats with Sabine Howest, Vice President of Global Partner Engagement & IoT at Ingram Micro, to review Ingram Micro’s first ever fully global and virtual conference, the ONE Experience.
The two discuss: 
  • Challenges and opportunities in planning a global virtual event
  • Ingram Micro’s global advanced solutions strategy
  • Opportunities for channel partners to grow and scale in 2021
  • The future of the global technology market

The ONE Experience challenges and opportunities

Ingram Micro recently held its “ONE Experience,” three days of fully virtual workshops and meetings with partners across the globe focused on ideas of technology, diversity and creativity.
One of the main challenges we considered when planning for ONE was, “How can we engage people when they’re sitting in front of a laptop?” So we came up with a mixture of executive keynotes and active Q&A sessions. Ultimately, the best way to keep people engaged is just to have amazing live content, so that was our focus. 
We tried to incorporate networking into the event by making the platform as user friendly as possible. We would encourage partners to come onto the discussion board and chat, then we connected them with sales partners or answered questions directly. The networking element is just another way Ingram Micro puts customer experience first.

What we’re doing and where we’re headed

Our main message at the event was around our global advanced solutions strategy. We were excited to explain to our partners the services and solutions we already have available in each of their geographies. Our messaging revolved around cybersecurity and IoT because those are areas of investment that resonate globally.
We also knew everyone has been trying to simply survive this year, but we wanted to do more than that… we wanted to announce at ONE the ways we've invested in advanced solutions, whether it was IoT or cybersecurity or some of the data center technologies, in 2020.
Ultimately, we wanted to showcase that Ingram Micro is committed to making complex solutions simple and to explain our partners don’t need to be specialists when Ingram Micro complements their skill sets and accompanies them in reaching their goals.

Centers of Excellence across the globe

Ingram Micro is proud to offer partners assistance from our 5 Centers of Excellence across the globe. We established the Centers of Excellence because we believe we can pull together capabilities, skill sets, tools and processes, and go really deep to support partners through centralized teams.
We also use the spaces to provide training for partners, with our trainers covering everything from proof of concept to answering complex IT questions. This is Ingram Micro’s way to show that we’re determined to help accelerate the growth of our partners in every country.

The future of technology

The work-from-home world has carried us through a lot of growth this year, and it seems this will still carry on into next year. For Ingram Micro, we recognize there’s a lot of scale and automation we can drive through businesses and we believe you can scale faster through collaboration with all of the service providers we team up with.
Digital transformation has been so accelerated this year, and we see that trend continuing in 2021. While that is a good thing, it also means needs for security will increase, along with needs for financing solutions, new technologies and new work-from-home solutions. The good news is Ingram Micro supports all of those needs. And, being global means we have a more standardized set of service levels we can offer.
“If there’s one thing Ingram should stand for, particularly this year, it’s that we’re steady and we’re personable.” - Sabine Howest
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