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Takeaways from the ICD and unpacking the Eco solution with Joe Treadwell

September 12, 2022

Takeaways from the ICD and unpacking the Eco solution with Joe Treadwell
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What are the merits of an on-site and cloud monitoring solution? How has Schneider Electric fared amidst supply chain shortages, and what does IT have to do with slower vehicle manufacturing?
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Joe Treadwell, national account manager at Schneider Electric, to get some answers. They discuss:
  • Top takeaways from a recent IDC event
  • How the Eco Structure offering operates
  • Schneider Electric’s supply status

Top takeaways from a recent IDC event

The International Data Corporation (IDC) is known to host insightful and informative events that shed light on trends and tips. Joe attended one such event and has three main takeaways:
  • How to scale your business
  • The importance of digitization
  • Trust across digital and physical security
 In response to new hybrid models, scaling fluctuates. “We're seeing a lot of computer power happening closer to where the data is consumed.” Joe explains, “So, different sectors—financial, medical, legal—we've seen those end users requiring the data to be on-site. They're moving from a cloud model back to a hybrid model.”
Digitization within this context refers to the installation of a UPS out in the field that requires monitoring and management. Today, the expectations are that systems will be up and running 24/7.
To build trust throughout implementing digitization and hybrid models, provide secure racks, security cameras and reliable procedures between on-site and within software.

How the Eco Structure offering operates

APC—a branch of Schneider Electric—offers a best of both worlds solution, built for flexibility and peace of mind.
“The concept of managing power is becoming more prevalent in the channel all the time. We're getting more partners that are looking to do that for their end users, and our software platform allows them to do that,” Joe explains.
By utilizing the Eco Structure solution, partners can choose between four different setups:
  • The partner manages and monitors in-house
  • APC monitors and manages
  • The partner manages and APC monitors
  • APC manages and the partner monitors
 APC also offers on-site technicians to address malfunctions alongside errors as simple as a battery swap.

Schneider Electric’s supply status

The elephants in any room today are the supply chain shortages and the current economic turmoil.
“We made some aggressive decisions early on to get out in front of procuring goods. So we've been very healthy on supply,” Joe confirms.
Joe points out an unexpected ripple effect you can trace back to IT, passed on from a colleague, “How many microchips are in the average Ford-F 150? 1,500,” he explains, “A lot of vehicle shortage is driven by microchip shortage.”
Joe has his fingers crossed that the tables will turn for the better in the coming year and has reason to be optimistic.
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