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Making Knowledge Workers More Productive: Streamlining Day-to-Day Workflows

August 04, 2021

Making Knowledge Workers More Productive: Streamlining Day-to-Day Workflows
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Nearly one-third of a worker’s day is spent searching for the data and applications needed to do their job. That’s a staggering amount of lost productivity. What’s even more shocking is that most companies don't even realize the extent of the issue.
In the first part of our three-part series on Data Center Delta Force, Logan Lyles talks with Cheryl Rang, Director - Advanced Solutions, and Ryan Friess, Technology Consultant - Data Center Delta Force, both with Ingram Micro, about:
  • Main factors contributing to lost productivity
  • The role of Data Center Delta Force
  • Building a digital workspace practice

Contributing factors

A lot has changed in the workplace over the last couple of years.
The proliferation of SaaS applications and web applications, as well as the use of multiple devices, have become the norm within hybrid work environments.
This ever-growing array of devices, platforms and browsers is making it increasingly difficult to keep track of everything needed to complete a day’s work.
To provide a better experience for their employees, businesses need to consider adopting a digital workspace solution.

Data Center Delta Force

Data Center Delta Force is here to help. The group aims to enable companies to grow their sales by bridging the gap between technical requirements—what the customer is looking for—and business outcomes.
The team, consisting of technologists, sales, marketing, thought leaders and executive sponsorship, is creating resources to educate partners on all major data center trends occurring in the market—and chief among them is digital workspaces.

Digital workspaces

Digital workspaces simplify the experience of the employee. They allow them to access applications and data from one central platform.
Rather than having to navigate through multiple applications, employees can simply log in to one interface to view their corporate data, apps and files.


Approaching the conversation with end users can be difficult. Many of them aren't even aware that productivity is declining.
So, it’s important for resellers to ask discovery questions to uncover how they can help end users optimize existing processes.
  • What types of applications are you leveraging today?
  • Is it a combination of SaaS and legacy apps?
  • How are users accessing those?
  • Do you need a password for each?
  • If so, do you know about the security risk of typing a password every single time?
Depending on their answers, a digital workspace solution could meet those business needs.

Build a practice

To build a digital workspace practice, keep these things in mind:
  • Identify if it makes sense for your organization
  • Build a blueprint including the team that will need to be in place
  • Identify who the target customer is
  • Add services for higher margins
  • Train your go-to-market team
For more information, contact Data Center Delta Force (data-center@ingrammicro.com).