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Streamline IT operations with VMware multicloud solutions

September 23, 2021

Streamline IT operations with VMware multicloud solutions
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VMware isn’t your typical virtual machine company anymore. In this cloud-centric world, they’ve evolved into a company that helps customers start their cloud journey—and that includes enabling a multicloud environment.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Brandon Gruttadauria, sr. technology consultant at Ingram Micro, about:
  • What VMware multicloud solutions help customers do
  • The vision for VMware products for multicloud
  • How VMware Tanzu enables customers

VMware multicloud solutions

The biggest takeaway with regard to VMware multicloud strategy is that it allows customers to run their VMware on-premises offering on cloud-native product solutions like AWS, Azure or IBM.
Additionally, these solutions provide customers with a common software footprint, which allows them to run their applications and ship them off to those public cloud instances.

Reduce capital costs

VMware helps customers reduce capital costs by leveraging virtualization solutions. There are three VMware solutions, in particular, that lead the charge:
  1. vSphere - compute platform
  2. vSAN - storage virtualization offering
  3. NSX - network virtualization platform
 “When we take into account these three things,” Brandon says, “we lay the groundwork for that software-defined data center.”
What that means is you can run that same software-defined data center on VMware cloud on AWS, Azure, IBM and Google’s Cloud Engine.
With this common footprint across the board, companies won’t have to incur extra costs converting or refactoring their applications.
“It will give them that multicloud solution where companies can have applications in AWS and Azure, and they can also move these workloads across because VMware is really underpinning that compute storage and networking stack for them,” Brandon says.


Those capabilities also lend a large degree of flexibility to companies.
“They can migrate their workloads or have the flexibility to move some applications up to the cloud, or bring some applications back, depending upon their own transformation efforts,” Brandon says.


The overall vision for VMware products for multicloud can be summed up in three words (which happen to be the same word): Any, Any, Any.
According to Brandon, what that means is, “we want customers to be able to adopt and run their business on any cloud to support any application, even including containers, and even support any device for their employees to be able to do their work securely and ensure productivity.”

VMware Tanzu

“With the VMware Tanzu platform, we’re taking the open-source offerings that are out there and wrapping it around a VMware environment,” Brandon says.
“So, now we can give developers an enterprise-grade Kubernetes environment to develop and run their apps and containers but also give IT operators the tool sets they need to actually operationalize the environment.”
In essence, it bridges the gap between virtual machines and containers while giving IT the tools they need to ensure it stays secure.
For more information, contact the VMware MD team (vmware_md_team@ingrammicro.com) or visit LearnVMware.com.