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Staying secure while working remote

March 27, 2020

Staying secure while working remote
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Remember the days of giving our friends flak for working from home? Well, we got what we asked for.
Whether you’re used to the remote life or not, it feels a little different not having a choice in the matter.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Ingram Micro’s UCC Director Steve Yochum jumps on a call with Keri to discuss tips for working remotely and staying secure while doing so.

Plus, they talk about:

The four types of remote workers

Normally, there are just four kinds of remote workers. However, most office workers are finding out just how challenging it is to work from home.
Different types of remote workers:
  1. Full-time work from home: These workers tend to be contractors, programmers, or any other kind of task-driven position. They seldomly need to collaborate with other people to complete their work.
  1. Road warriors: Road-bound employees are usually working remotely, just not from home. They’re the ones traveling around, searching for the closest Wi-Fi connection in an airport or coffee shop.
  1. Delvers: These employees are normally in the office 3-4 days a week during usual work hours. They often work one or two days from home or another remote location.
  1. Born in the cloud: This type of remote worker has never operated on a server or router — they’re 100% in the cloud. Many times you’ll find an office space in their home complete with multiple monitors and other necessary equipment.
It can be challenging keeping all of these different types of remote workers secure on your network. Now, with everybody operating from their homes, how are you keeping your VPN safe?
 "Most companies feel as though their associates can be enabled remotely. We saw the work-from-anywhere trend. Everybody said it was a millennial trend. The reality is it's now a workforce trend." — Steve Yochum

Keeping remote employees secure

Here are a few tips to keep your employees secure while working from home. 
  1. Keep software systems up to date on all devices.
  2. Stay in touch with employees throughout the day.
  3. Have a VPN implemented that can designate between tasks in its environment and those outside of it.
  4. Make sure your employees have access to everything they need while outside of your VPN.
In a crisis like we’re experiencing with COVID-19, it’s best to stay calm and understanding. This has been a learning curve for us all and access to certain assets on your VPN may be limited.

Working from home with kids

Another challenge of being quarantined is making sure your kids have as much routine as possible.
Steve suggests setting up a separate space for your work and your kids’ schoolwork to be done. Again, being understanding of others and their current work environments is critical.

Reach out to Steve on LinkedIn or email at uccinfo@ingrammicro.com