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Stay secure with Cisco

February 21, 2020

Stay secure with Cisco
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Nothing is 100 percent safe. But a zero-trust approach to security can keep data locked away from online predators.
Cisco and Ingram are focusing on new security solutions, including the new Cisco Duo to help businesses stay protected.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri Roberts talks with Thomas Mann, Sr. Solution Center Engineer, Ingram Micro, Kevin Switzer, Technology Consultant of Cyber Security for Cisco Solutions, Cisco, and Collin Rauen, Senior Channel Account Specialist, Ingram Micro.
In this episode, they chat about:
  • Changes in security in the past year
  • Why a zero-trust solution is better than a firewall
  • Solutions for secure remote access, bring-your-own-device plans and anything that specializes in healthcare data

Changes in Security in 2019

In 2019, schools, remote workers and healthcare facilities emerged as the top three targets for hackers.
A lot of schools work on bring-your-own-device models, which create hard-to-manage security systems. Bad actors target schools to siphon off tuition payments, teacher salaries and grants.
Remote workers in hotels, airports or coffee shops could be sharing their networks with a lot of other users. These users could access potential packets or records coming in and out of that employee's device.
Finally, healthcare is the pot of gold for most hackers. Patient data is extremely valuable on the dark web.
"There's two main avenues within healthcare that make them such a high priority target for attackers. The first one I'll mention is the patient records themselves." - Kevin Switzer

The Zero-trust Approach

We used to set up a LAN, a perimeter or a layer of security like a firewall. Then, we trusted everything on the LAN. That's not the case anymore—now users can be anywhere.
We have users coming and going on our network. We have resources in the cloud and hybrid cloud. Users and resources are all over the place. So zero trust is really about not trusting any network anywhere.
That's why Cisco is building new security solutions for 2020.

Solutions for Remote Access, Education and Healthcare

Cisco is introducing Duo, a recent acquisition from Siskel. Duo features multifactor authentication as a push notification. (This sentence didn’t make sense to me as it was, but if it was accurate tech speak then leave as it was before)
Basically, the user selects the device and registers it. Then, when they're trying to access the system on their safe laptop, for example, they will receive a prompt on their cell phone or their smartphone. They will simply click approve.
This way, we know that this user at least has two different devices, which is a much higher level of authentication and forces users to prove that they are who they say they are.
Cisco's Duo is new to everyone, but it can start with just one user and is sold on a tiered pricing system, so it's accessible for nearly any Cisco and Ingram Micro partner.