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Soothing tech industry concerns and advice to newcomers

June 03, 2022

Soothing tech industry concerns and advice to newcomers
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Technology is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. While many fear what the near future will look like due to the pandemic and recession concerns, remember this: Technology needs to be refreshed.
Hosts Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash chat with Kirk Robinson, EVP Global Group President at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Kirk’s journey and advice for newcomers
  • Scaling and profitability
  • Outlook for small tech companies

Kirk’s journey and advice for newcomers

Kirk was given a choice: Continue selling air filters to high-rises and hospitals, or take a chance on a technology company called Ingram Micro—an obvious choice in hindsight.
Making his way through the ranks, he quickly discovered just how dynamic the industry could be, offering near limitless opportunities as long as you were willing to step outside of your comfort zone.
“It was a rocket ship; you had to be pretty bad to not get promoted in those early days because we were growing so quickly,” Kirk explains.
How, then, would a newcomer hit the ground running in the industry? For Kirk, it’s all about fostering a thirst for knowledge, taking risks and a willingness to move around.

Taking a library day

Building that bold persona, however, isn’t done in a day. It’s a continuous process that you’ll refine over and over. Kirk still gets nervous when he has to speak publicly, but he centers himself with what he calls a library day.
Taking one day a month, he spends a few hours at a library being strategic—figuring out his current concerns, whether they be professional, personal or spiritual.

Scaling and profitability

Shifting from how to help newcomers to how Ingram Micro can help grow businesses, Kirk points out how important it is to talk with your end users about other technology that they’re procuring.
Having that knowledge, you have the potential to help your customers save total cost by going through your business—just make sure you have the expertise first.
“Look at building out which practices you want to focus on so that you can go in and have those conversations with those end users,” Kirk says.

Outlook for small tech companies 

Staying bold and taking your library days may be helpful, but little can totally take away the residual dread of the COVID-19 impact on the industry and the looming worry of a recession.
The good news: Technology isn’t going anywhere. In the good times and bad, people are still ordering tech.
“I still go back to: Technology needs to be refreshed,” Kirk explains.
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