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Smarter printing solutions with HP+

July 19, 2022

Smarter printing solutions with HP+
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As hybrid and distributed work become more common, customers are looking to have technology integrated into their daily lives wherever they may be. As a printing solution, HP+ uses cloud technology to bring security and convenience to the space.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Beth Moses, Commercial Print Business Development at HP, about:
  • The kind of SMBs HP+ is most suited for and their pain points
  • The security benefits of HP+ cloud services
  • Sustainability efforts from HP

The kind of SMBs HP is most suited for and their pain points

A year ago, HP launched a new solution for the consumer market called HP+.
“It's a printer supplies and software solution that really helps customers and gives them more in their overall printing environment,” Beth explains.
This year, however, a new HP+ solution will launch primarily for small businesses. But who exactly are the professionals that will use this solution the most? Beth describes the typical receiver as a generalist IT person at an SMB with under 100 employees—such as a retail shop, restaurant or small medical office.
HP wants to target the businesses that don’t have a robust IT department but need a great printing solution that’s easy to deploy and manage for all their employees to keep them up and running.
Pain points
When looking at what was most important to solve when it came to generalist printer problems, 9 out of 10 people agreed that setup and printing environments were their top concerns.
These professionals have a job to do and it’s not to manage their printers.

The security benefits of HP cloud services

In a hybrid work environment, an added difficulty is the likely scenario of needing printers at multiple locations. While HP+ can manage this for a business, it’s not all the solution provides.
As long as internet connectivity is present, HP+ monitors the printers while providing security to their devices and documents.
According to Beth, “HP+ does the work and the customer can go about doing their job and not worrying about their printers or the security in the system.”

Sustainability efforts from HP

Beyond the provided solution of management and security for users, HP is also dedicated to sustainability efforts such as a closed loop recycling service that keeps printer cartridges out of landfills.
“The programs are really exciting and really help customers feel better about the pages that they do print,” Beth says.
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